I am very excited to announce the Pathways to Success initiative, which is scheduled to launch for our upcoming spring semester, January 2021. Metropolitan College of New York can now support individuals in the community who are interested in obtaining a college degree but never secured a high school diploma or equivalency. I am a fond believer that things happen when they are supposed to. This program is our way of saying “this is your time.” Do something for yourself, and show your family and community that it’s never too late to change your circumstances.

If the thought of going back to school has you feeling nervous, don’t be. We have your back! We have support in place to walk you through the process, provide academic, technological assistance, as well as, meaningful mentorship opportunities. In two years, you can have an associate’s degree or in less than 4-years, you can obtain a bachelor’s.

Remember, your time is now. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity. Enroll this spring!

John Edwards

John Edwards
Executive Director, Metropolitan College of New York, Bronx Campus
MCNY, School for Public Affairs and Administration MPA Alumnus & Adjunct Professor

212-343-1234 ext.2319

About Pathways to Success

The Pathways to Success program at Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY) offers adults 19 years of age or older the opportunity to earn their High School equivalency diploma while earning college credits that lead to a college degree.

  • In less than four years you can graduate with a Bachelor’s

  • In two-years you can graduate with your Associate’s

  • In one year meet the standard for your high school equivalency (no TASC necessary)

By the End of Your First Year – Earn Your High School Equivalency

Semester 1

6 college credits

Semester 2

6 college credits

Semester 3

9 college credits

By the End of Your Second Year – Earn Your Associate’s

Semester 4

12 college credits

Semester 5

12 college credits

Semester 6

12 college credits

In 5 More Semesters – Earn Your Bachelor’s

Semester 7

12 college credits

Semester 8

12 college credits

Semester 9

12 college credits

Semester 10

12 college credits

Semester 11

12 college credits

Academic Schedule

Students can chose on of the two schedules we offer, Tuesday/Thursday (twice a week) or Saturday. Please see below:

Semester 1


ENG CC 110: Critical Thinking, Tuesday BHV1 6-7:50

MTH 121 SKI: Basic Math, Tuesday BHV1 8-9:50

or  Saturday

ENG CC 110: Critical Thinking, Saturday BHW1 9-10:50

MTH 121 SKI: Basic Math, Saturday BHW1 11-12:50

Semester 2

Tuesday & Thursday

ETH CC 120: Contemporary Values, Tuesday BHV1 6-7:50

SPE CC 160: Public Speaking, Tuesday BHV1 8-9:50

BIO CC 180: Human Biology, Thursday, BHV1 6-7:50

or  Saturday

ETH CC 120: Contemporary Values, Saturday BHW1 9-10:50

SPE CC 160: Public Speaking, Saturday BHW1 11-12:50

BIO CC 180: Human Biology, Saturday, BHW1 1:30-3:20

Semester 3

Tuesday & Thursday

GOV CC 150: American Government, Tuesday BHV1 6-7:50

ART CC 170: Empowerment through the Arts, Tuesday BHV1 8-9:50

PSC CC 140: Political & Economic Philosophies, Thursday, BHV1 6-7:50

or  Saturday

GOV CC 150: American Government, Saturday BHW1 9-10:50

ART CC 170: Empowerment through the Arts, Saturday BHW1 11-12:50

PSC CC 140: Political & Economic Philosophies, Saturday, BHW1 1:30-3:20

We Support You

Student Support Services: Overview

Students participating in the Pathways to Success program will need supportive services that go above and beyond those generally provided to college students to ensure completion. These supportive services are described as follows:

Case Management

The Case Management team will:

  • provide weekly check-ins with students
  • conduct monthly interviews with students to assess academic progress, financial status, health status, childcare needs and other relevant personal and/or family issues
  • monitor attendance and academic performance, and intervene on those that appear to be in danger
  • act as a liaison with other College departments on behalf of the student
  • promoting and encouraging continued education of the student (preferably MCNY)

Personal Academic Support

The MCNY Library, Learning Enhancement Center and Mentor program will also participate in the servicing of the Pathways to Success students by implementing personal academic support.

Students will receive robust, holistic, individual support from their Personal Academic Support Team. Focused on fostering ongoing relationships as well as building skills and providing immediate support, this team of professional tutors and librarians and peer-mentors will engage the students with weekly meetings and provide workshops, programing, and other supplemental resources.

Internship & Job Placement Assistance

The Office of Career Development provides a variety of services for students to help them identify their interests and values and strengthen their candidacy for internships and jobs opportunities.

Benefits of Pathways to Success

Pathways to Success

  • will offer smaller classes with a low student to faculty ratio and high level of support to ensure that every student achieves their goal.

  • will help you make supportive connections with classmates, faculty and staff; these connections are critical elements of student success.

  • will provide a Pathways to earning a college degree

  • will increase your opportunities to compete for higher paying jobs and meet your career goals


In order to be eligible to apply for Pathways to Success, you must:

  • be interested in obtaining a college degree and do not have a high school diploma or equivalency.

  • be interested in one of MCNY’s college degree programs.

  • be 19 years to 100 years old to apply

  • have a New York State issued ID


We cover the cost for your first year (a total of 24 credits), which significantly reduces the cost of your associates and bachelor’s degree.

After your first year, our financial aid office offers numerous scholarships and grants to deserving students. In fact, 90% of MCNY students receive some type of financial assistance. Financial aid counselors will assist you in finding financing options to meet your specific needs.