Use this page to upload your photo and complete the profile update form.

If you submit a photo that is too small, very low resolution, or horizontal. It may not be used, and you will not have a photo on your profile.

  • All photos must be portrait mode, preferably shot against a white background.

  • File name should be your name, as you put it in the form below.

  • Minimum resolution 500px wide by 750px high, at 72 dpi. (your smart phone makes photos larger than this, use it)

  • Use your smart phone and have someone take a head shot of you standing in front of a white wall.

  • Make sure there is enough light on you, daylight next to a window works best, or outside.

  • Make sure there is no strong light behind you, that will make you look like a silhouette.

  • Keep in mind photos may be cropped to a square, so plan for that while taking it.