O Huntley

Obiano Huntley

MPA in Emergency and Disaster Management (MCNY), BSc in International Relations (University of Guyana)
MPA in Emergency and Disaster Management
Phone: (347) 295-7885
Professor Obiano Huntley is the Associate Director of Emergency Management at New York City Health and Hospitals/Kings County. He holds an MPA in Emergency and Disaster Management from Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY). Professor Huntley was born in Guyana, and also lived in Jamaica and the Turks and Caicos Islands. He migrated to the United States in 2010 and completed his graduate studies in 2014. For over three years he has spearheaded emergency preparedness at Kings County Hospital, where he is tasked with ensuring that the facility is prepared for natural, manmade and public health emergencies and disasters. His efforts have led to the facility passing inspections by accreditation agencies and have resulted in marked improvements in its level of preparedness. He educates staff and the community, formulates emergency plans, facilitates drills and exercises and evaluates where improvements are needed. His efforts assist the hospital to continuously improve its preparedness for incidents which can impede operations. At MCNY, Professor Huntley teaches students in the undergraduate and graduate emergency management programs at the college. He helps students transfer theory into practice by having them work on real world projects for established entities.