Pathways to Careers

Earn Your GED While Earning College Credit

Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY) is very excited to announce the New York State Education Department (NYSED) approved Pathways to Careers (PTC) Certificate. The first cohort is scheduled to begin May 22, 2023, for the Summer’23 semester. The PTC Certificate consists of 27 credits (24 core curricula credits and one 3- credit Constructive Action (CA)) transferable to MCNY associate’s and bachelor’s college degrees. The program is designed to be part-time, offering nine credits per semester over three semesters. The program will be offered online.

The Pathways to Careers Certificate grew out of the highly successful MCNY pilot project “Pathways to Success Initiative” that began in Fall’21 and ended in Fall’22. Students of all ages – from 19 years old and into their 70s – took the bold step of registering for the college certificate program and taking college classes that would lead to earning their GED as well as college credits transferable to MCNY associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs and accepted at most other colleges.

The MCNY faculty and staff are here to help students earn their high school equivalency diploma and work toward achieving an associate degree in one year or a bachelor’s degree in two and half years after earning their PTC Certificate. If the thought of going back to school makes you feel nervous, we understand and can help you through applying, re-learning how to study, and advise you on how to juggle family, work,k and college courses. As a student, you will have access to personal academic tutoring, help with technology, and the opportunity to create meaningful connections with faculty and fellow students.

Here at MCNY, we know it is never too late to begin your college career. Achieve your lifelong dream of completing your education. It’s your time and that time is NOW!

About Pathways to Careers

The Pathways to Careers program at Metropolitan College of New York offers adults 19 years of age or older the opportunity to earn their High School equivalency diploma while earning college credits that lead to a college degree.

  • In less than four years you can graduate with a Bachelor’s

  • Once you earn your PTC Certificate, in 2 ½ years you can earn your bachelor’s degree

  • Or once you earn your PTC Certificate, in one more year, you can earn your associate degree.

By the End of Your First Year – Earn Your High School Equivalency (27 credits); MCNY offers 3 semesters in every year, Summer, Fall and Spring.

Semester 1

9 college credits

Semester 2

9 college credits

Semester 3

9 college credits

By the End of Your Second Year – Earn Your Associate degree (36 credits +certificate)

Semester 4

12 college credits

Semester 5

12 college credits

Semester 6

12 college credits

In 4 More Semesters – Earn Your Bachelor’s (57 credits+ associates degree)

Semester 7

15 college credits

Semester 8

15 college credits

Semester 9

15 college credits

Semester 10

12 college credits

Academic Schedule

Semester 1

ENG CC 110 Critical Thinking and Writing Through the Study of Literature 3
ETH CC 120 Contemporary Values and Classical Ethics 3
SPE CC 160 Public Speaking and the Art of Persuasion 3
MTH 111 SKI Mathematics for Human Services I 0 (if needed)

Semester 2

GOV CC 150 American Government 3
PSC CC 140 Political and Economic Philosophy
MTH 122 SKI Math for Human Services II, or MTH 123 SKI Business Math,
or ACC 231 SKI Principles of Accounting, or MTH 361 SYS Managerial Statistics 3

Semester 3

ART CC 170 Promoting Empowerment Through the Arts 3
BIO CC 180 Human Biology 3
SEM 111 FCA Introduction to the Constructive Action,
or FLD 112 PCA Developing Career Goals 3

We Support You

Student Support Services: Overview
Students participating in the Pathways to Career program are provided supportive services to assist you in preparing your course work, studying, submission of college papers, taking exams, and navigating the college system. These supportive services are described as follows:

Case Management

• You are required to speak with your advisor weekly for a 15 min check-in.
• You will have a monthly interview to assess academic progress, financial status, health status, childcare needs and other relevant personal and/or family issues
• Your participation and engagement in class is monitored weekly, your advisor will intervene if your academic performance appears to be faltering.
• Your advisor will serve as an liaison with other College departments on your behalf when needed.
• Your advisor will promote and encourage your continued education.

Personal Academic Support

The MCNY Library, Learning Enhancement Center and Mentor program will also participate in the servicing of the Pathways to Career (PTC) Certificate students by implementing personal academic support.

Students will receive robust, holistic, individual support from their Personal Academic Support Team. Focused on fostering ongoing relationships as well as building skills and providing immediate support, this team of professional tutors and librarians and peer-mentors will engage the students with weekly meetings and provide workshops, programing, and other supplemental resources.

Internship & Job Placement Assistance

The Office of Career Development provides a variety of services for students to help them identify their interests and values and strengthen their candidacy for internships and jobs opportunities.

Benefits of Pathways to Careers

Pathways to Careers

This program at MCNY will:

  • offer small classes with a high level of support

  • help you make important connections with classmates, faculty and staff

  • provide important connections during your Constructive Action course

  • help you get closer to achieving a college degree

  • provide offers to students for part-time work on campus through the college work study program

  • help you access job opportunities through our construction action course and once you earn your degree.


In order to be eligible to apply for Pathways to Success, you must:

  • have not yet earned your a high school diploma or equivalency

  • be at least 19 years old

  • have New York State-issued identification (e.g. drivers license, passport, etc)

  • have submit your completed application

  • pass the Ability to Benefit Accuplacer exam taken through the MCNY Offices. MCNY provides free preparation workshops for the entrance exam.


Tuition & Fees: $808 per credit;

Financial Aid for the Pathways to Careers Program (PTC):

• Student must be eligible to apply for federal and state financial student aid.
• Students complete the FAFSA (free application for federal student aid) to apply for the government grants.
• The balance of tuition after government grants is covered by MCNY scholarship.
• The tuition & fees for the PTC Certificate program is funded through federal and state student grants and MCNY scholarships.
• Students admitted into the PTC Certificate program will not have to borrow student loans to pay for tuition and fees.

Once you earn your certificate, after your first year, if you wish to continue at MCNY and earn your college degree, MCNY’s financial aid office offers numerous scholarships, grants and student loans to eligible students to cover tuition. In fact, 90% of MCNY students receive some type of financial assistance.

Pathways Success Story – Keshia Howell

Keshia Howell

MCNY extends its social justice mission to people in our communities who may have been marginalized by their prior educational experiences. One of the most impactful programs at our Bronx campus has been Pathways to Success, which enabled adults without high school credentials to earn a high school equivalency diploma while taking college classes. The Pathways program is already bringing positive change to marginalized adults, their families, and our Bronx communities, as demonstrated by Keshia’s journey:

At age 16, Keshia Howell dropped out of high school because she was not receiving the resources needed to succeed. Family hardship was an added barrier. As an adult, Keshia tried numerous GED programs without success. Sixteen years later, her brother, a graduate student at Metropolitan College of New York recommended the Pathways to Success program. Two years later, with the support network provided by the MCNY Pathways Team, Keshia has earned her high school equivalency and is on her way to earning an associate degree in Human Services. Keshia is now in a position to turn her job into a career at the Bronx non-profit where she works with runaway and homeless young people, providing resources for parenting and pregnant teens.

“My personal experience led me to this purpose. I see myself in these young girls and advise them that they can do it if I did,” says Keshia Howell, “They can’t give up.”

Keshia plans to follow in her brother Kelvin’s footsteps, with aspirations to complete her bachelor’s in Human Services and move on to her Master of Public Affairs and Administration.