Student Life & Activities

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MCNY offers activities, resources and leadership opportunities that enhance student life outside of academics and the classroom. Getting involved in student activities will not only expand your horizons and expose you to new people and things; it will also strengthen your resume.

Get Involved

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association gives the student body a voice. Through involvement in the decision-making process at the college, the SGA ensures that the interests and rights of all students are upheld. For more information, email Reshma Jaigobin, Coordinator of Student Life Studentlife@mcny.edu or call them at 212-343-1234, ext. 2813.

Student Community Events & Workshops

Throughout the year, events and programming are offered that bring students together for fun, relaxation, new connections and community building. Some of the most popular events are Open Mics, Yoga & Mindfulness, Pizza & Game Nights and First Year Experience Welcome Week.

An ongoing workshop series brings students together to explore the power of goal-setting, stress management, creative time management, study skills and more.

Advocacy & Resource Sharing

Current students, alumni and community professionals offer powerful connections to resources and opportunities through panels, workshops and info sessions. This programming offers veteran resources, domestic violence support, mental health awareness and more.

The Black and Latinx Student Organization (BALSO)

The Black and Latinx Student Organization (BALSO) was founded in the summer of 2018 as the answer to addressing the needs of our diverse population of students. BALSO was formed on the premise of enrichment, to encourage, celebrate, cultivate, and challenge its members to be change agents for issues of advocacy and social justice to achieve equality both internally and externally. BALSO seeks to empower students to be culturally conscious, build a sense of self-respect, and to turn emotion into action, knowledge, and accountability.

Goals of BALSO:

  •  To uphold the college’s commitment to a multicultural learning environment.
  • To develop the leadership skills of students interested in making a meaningful impact upon Black & Latinx populations both locally and globally.
  • To support a thriving and inclusive Black & Latinx campus community.
  • To celebrate the breadth and depth of Black & Latinx cultural differences, practices, and experiences.



Established to continue the work of mindful inclusivity for all students identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and others (LGBTQ+). FLAVOR seeks to further the work of promoting social justice and educational activities that address wellness, community advocacy and mutual personal advancement of the LGBTQ+ student body. Through community partnerships, and in-house collective programming, FLAVOR will contribute to creating an environment where all students can feel safe and involved in their MCNY journey.

Goals of FLAVOR:

  • To uphold the college’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, multicultural living and learning campus life.
  • To develop the leadership skills of students making an impact in their communities both local and global.

International Students

MCNY offers a comprehensive support system for international students, including resources for housing, insurance, international student loans and cultural institutions. Special events and skills workshops geared towards addressing the unique needs of the international students are also provided.

A Tribute to Women’s History Month 2022

“Our Sheroes” as Chosen by MCNY Students! Join us as we celebrate the powerful work done by women, specifically, women who have impacted our lives personally.

This year’s National Women’s History Month theme is “Providing Healing, Promoting Hope” and it pays tribute to the work of caregivers and frontline workers of the ongoing pandemic. This theme also highlights how women have ceaselessly provided both healing and hope throughout history. Students were asked to nominate their “Shero” – a person who personifies this year’s theme of healing and hope. Please watch the video as we celebrate our nominees!