We know that deciding to go to college is a big decision and can feel overwhelming, so we want to make the next steps in your process easy. Follow these steps after you receive your acceptance letter.


Review Your Acceptance Letter

Make sure you are admitted for the right program and the semester you selected. If you recently spoke with your admissions counselor about starting in a different semester, they will be able to produce a new letter for you. This is especially important for international students.


Provide Any Missing Documentation

Log in to your admissions portal to a list of what we still need. There might be additional forms or documentation you’ll need to provide. You’ll also receive this link in your acceptance letter.


Complete the Financial Aid Process

If you are eligible to file the FAFSA, then you should complete these steps to ensure your financial aid package can be generated. Our financial aid counselors will prepare your award letter as soon as they have all of your information on file. If you need help, just contact your financial aid counselor. International students cannot apply for federal or state aid.


Speak with Your Academic Advisor

Attend an upcoming registration event, or make an appointment with your academic advisor to go over course offerings and lock in your schedule. They will also help you schedule your date and time for New Student Orientation, and make sure you have everything ready to sign up for class.


Understand Your Payment Options

The Bursar’s Office is where tuition bills are generated. They will help you find out how much is owed each semester and will arrange payment plans. They also process refunds and employer reimbursements. If you have a question about a bill, contact the Bursar’s Office.


Attend New Student Orientation

Orientation is required for all new students. This is where you’ll learn about important campus resources, find out how to use Moodle, and find out more about the support we have for students in your specific academic program. Go ahead, sign up!


Get Ready to Begin Class!

Our entire enrollment team is focused on your success and you’ve come so far – now’s your chance to begin your program! Make sure you ask any remaining questions before starting class, and remember to add the dates and times of your classes to your calendar.

Contact these departments as you need help:

Office of Admissions
Phone: 212-343-1234 x 5001
Email: admissions@mcny.edu

Office of Student Services
Phone: 212-343-1234 x5009
Email: studentservices@mcny.edu

Bursar’s Office
Phone: 212-343-1234 x5002
Email: boffice@mcny.edu

International Student Office
Phone: 212-343-1234 x 5001
Email: international@mcny.edu