With a business degree from Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY), you’ll have more than a job—you’ll have a purpose, too.

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The School for Business at Metropolitan College of New York offers undergraduate and graduate programs designed for people who want a practical and relevant education. Choose courses on a schedule that works for you and learn from faculty who are currently working in the field. Your education, combined with networking opportunities, will position you for success in a variety of industries.

Our business school graduates go on to do great things: They not only lead corporations and are successful entrepreneurs; they are socially responsible, contributing members of our global community who give back…while getting ahead.

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It all begins with MCNY’s unique Purpose-Centered Education model

It combines classroom instruction with applied knowledge and practice. During each semester or “purpose”, you take what you learned in the classroom and apply it in a Constructive Action (CA) project, creating – and analyzing the success of – a business or marketing plan that addresses an actual businesses-related challenge where you work or intern.
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Message from the Associate Dean, MCNY School for Business Radhika Jha

Greetings and welcome to the School for Business at Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY). The core mission of the School for Business at MCNY is to provide impactful experiential and transformative education to a diverse and inclusive student body enabling them to become successful professionals, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.

It’s no surprise that the business world keeps evolving. Here at the MCNY School for Business, we’re staying ahead of the curve to ensure our students are in the know and ready to take on any challenge they face. On top of our industry-leading accredited academic programs, we conduct in-depth research and work closely with our expert faculty and alumni to create the best learning environment possible. Our students are the entrepreneurs and business leaders of tomorrow, and we’re doing our part to make sure they stay up to date with the latest trends and developments.

The world of business is being transformed by technological innovation and the internationalization of the markets. These same forces are turning the attention of the business community and policymakers toward problems that are outside the traditional boundaries of academic disciplines, requiring creative, interdisciplinary solutions. MCNY’s unique Purpose-Centered Education model integrates robust experiential learning in the heart of New York City’s financial district and the rejuvenated South Bronx. We are distinctively positioned to provide impactful education to the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

The MCNY School for Business offers two associate degree programs in Business and Information Technology, three bachelor’s degree programs in general business, health systems management, and information technology management and MBA programs in general management, health services and risk management, financial services management, and media management. We also offer a Master of Science degree in Project Management as project managers are in great demand on a global level in all industries.

The MCNY School for Business provides an enriching learning environment and many opportunities for academic and career growth. Our faculty are scholars, accomplished teachers, and practitioners. Many of them work in prestigious organizations and are well-positioned to acquaint students with the contemporary business environment. The quality of our learning programs is globally accredited with recognition from the Accreditation Council of Business and Programs (ACBSP), a long-standing and highly recognized global accreditation organization.

In addition to the traditional coursework grounded in theory, The MCNY School for Business provides opportunities for exposure to real-world industry and business scenarios through experiential activities via special programs, The Incubator Program, field placements, entrepreneurship symposiums and business plan competitions. We also provide significant professional development and networking opportunities for students and alumni through participation in industry events, conferences, and business field trips.

I invite you to explore our programs and discover the academic and professional development opportunities at the MCNY School for Business and look forward to having you as a vital part of the MCNY community. Please feel free to contact me at the email or phone number below.

Best Wishes,

Radhika Jha
Associate Dean
Metropolitan College of New York School for Business
212.343.1234 x 2207

rjha@mcny.edu | schoolforbusiness@mcny.edu

MCNY School for Business Presents:

Current Global Economic Outlook and Prospects

The School for Business International Conference is designed to provide the MCNY students direct exposure to the global business environment focusing on Macro Economic growth and related challenges and opportunities. The conference is open to entire MCNY community and alumni. The virtual sessions are moderated by Dr. Setareh Sharif.

International Field Study

  • Apply your MBA skills and knowledge in an international setting.
  • Work in a group setting within a multicultural global context.

  • Gain hands-on, practical experience solving real business issues and challenges.

The intensive 10-day Study Abroad component of MCNY’s MBA curriculum is an action-oriented immersive experience—included with program tuition—where you work collaboratively in a global environment to develop an international strategy for your own business. Designed to ensure that students have the opportunity to work collaboratively in a pan-cultural environment and explore new economic markets. During past study abroad trips, MCNY students have traveled to Zurich, London, Frankfurt and Paris.

During the international practicum course, students work in a consultative capacity with an operating enterprise to address existing business challenges. Partners include Language Study International (LSI), Berenberg Bank, Deutsche Bank, Ogilvy & Mather, AHK, Helab Landesbank, The CityUK, Soho Artists, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, and Regents College London.

At the trip’s conclusion, you’ll prepare a summary as well as comprehensive written report. Work from the trip also is included in your final Constructive Action project.

2015 MCNY MBA Field Study trip to Frankfurt and London

An accredited institution, all our programs are designed for working professionals with accelerated timetables and flexible schedules.