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3 Semesters
12 Months

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The MBA Media Management program will not be registering students for Summer 2021.

The Master of Science in Project Management is for people pursuing a career in project management, who see themselves managing projects or overseeing complex undertakings. Earning a master’s can help individuals qualify for more advanced management positions. A degree in project management aims to teach how to think critically and implement leadership theories and methodologies in real-life situations.

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While earning a project management degree, students cultivate the knowledge and skills necessary to complete project-based work in diverse industries. The MS in Project Management will prepare professionals with budgeting, leadership, communication, and organization skills. Students will learn resource allocation, time management, strategies and negotiation, initiation and planning, implementation and closure.

Qualified Project Managers are an invaluable asset to any business, non-profit agency or corporation. Graduates can secure positions in education, government and community affairs, engineering, computer and information systems, healthcare industries, construction, corporations and most other industries. The global economy is becoming more and more interdependent and a degree in project management teaches versatile skills enabling professionals to move fluidly between industries. Project managers are in very high demand across all sectors.

A critical part in the development of a student’s Constructive Action (CA) is the field placement. Students will be required to apply what they have learned in the classroom with experience in real-world situations, companies or organizations. As such, they must identify their proposed venture for their Constructive Actions. In the three CAs of the proposed curriculum, students will acquire basic research techniques and methodologies necessary to explore and analyze trends and needs, relate those needs to their respective proposed professional venture, develop a comprehensive strategic plan, and finally set in motion their respective entrepreneurial plans by identifying sources of financing and evaluating their success and failures.

Program Tuition and Application Requirements

Application Deadlines for International Students

  • Fall (September) Admission: August 1 Deadline
  • Spring (January) Admission: December 1 Deadline
  • Summer (May) Admission: April 1 Deadline

MCNY requires the following for all international applicants in addition to the undergraduate and graduate application requirements:

  • Personal Statement or Essay
    • Submit one statement or essay, 350 to 500 words long, describing your interest in pursuing undergraduate study at Metropolitan College of New York
  • Reference Letter(s)
    • Undergraduate (Associates or Bachelor’s) Applicants: One letter of reference from the school guidance counselor or headmaster, English teacher, or a community member from a club or service organization in which the applicant has been involved. These are included in the MCNY International Student Application. Letters submitted on official school letterhead may be substituted in lieu of the official MCNY form
    • Graduate Student Applicants: Required to submit two professional letters of recommendation
  • Academic Transcript(s)
    • Submit original or certified copies of transcripts translated into English and listing individual courses including types, numbers, and grades received are required. High school diplomas will not be accepted without an accompanying high school transcript.
    • GPA of 2.5 or higher for undergraduate admission consideration.
  • Transcript Evaluations
    • International academic transcripts must be evaluated by any one of our NACES approved/affiliated transcript evaluators: Education Credential Evaluators (ECE); World Education Services (WES); or a NACES approved/affiliated transcript evaluator. Completed official transcript evaluations should be forwarded to the MCNY Admissions Office.
    • Academic Transcripts from secondary schools or high schools outside of the United States require a general evaluation.
    • Academic Transcripts from colleges or universities outside the US require a course-by-course evaluation.
  • English Language Proficiency Requirements
    Only one of the below-mentioned tests, that meets the minimum requirements for admission, is necessary. Official scores of the TOEFL, IELTS, Pearson, ACT, SAT, and LSI, Kaplan or ELS course completion must be sent directly to MCNY from the test administration site. In most cases, MCNY will allow certified copies stamped by a high school counselor, high school administrator, or academic advisor. CEEB: 4802/TOEFL School Code: 2509Complete one of the following:

    • TOEFL Scores – IbT (75 or above) or PbT (537 or above)
    • IELTS – Academic band score of 5.5 or higher o Pearson – PTE score of 50 or better
    • LSI – Completion of Advance Level English course (recommendation letter from language instructor required)
    • ELS – Completion of ELS Language Center course of 112 or higher
    • Kaplan International – Completion of an Advance Level English course (recommendation from language instructor required)
    • Manhattan Language – Completion of an Advance Level English course (recommendation from language instructor required)
    • Rennert Language – Completion of an Advance Level English course (recommendation from language instructor required) 160
    • ACT or SAT – MCNY will accept an ACT composite score of 18 or above or an SAT score of 860. The SAT score is a combined score of the Critical Reading and Math portions of the exam. The Critical Reading portion by itself should be no less than 430.
    • MCNY Accuplacer: For students already in New York City, the Accuplacer examination to meet the English Language Proficiency Requirements is available. Students will need to achieve a minimum of 60 on the Reading section and a minimum score of 65 on the sentence skills portion of the examination.
    • Transcript Evaluation: International applicants with official transcripts from an accredited high school, secondary school, college, or university within the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, or Australia that verify high school diploma, secondary school diploma, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or doctoral degree completion are exempt from English Language Proficiency Requirements.

Real-World Skills You’ll Learn in this Program

  • How to effectively initiate, plan, monitor, and close business projects.

  • Enhance your knowledge of latest technology for project execution.

  • Develop the professional proficiency and competency for the students.

  • Gain specific knowledge and leadership skills to meet industry demand.

  • Master understanding across the project management life cycle.

  • Coursework prepares students for ProjectManagement Institute (PMI) Certifications.

Let’s Get Started!

This Degree is Practical

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that management occupations are going to grow by about 7% in the next 8 years, which means over 700,000 new jobs.

90% of high-performing organizations say they value project management and employers will need to fill about 2 million project-related jobs each year until 2027.

The median annual salary is $95,260 with the top 10% annual salary being more than $164,000.

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Join more than 12,000 alumni who have made a positive impact on human services, education, business, and public administration through their Constructive Action projects. Find out how they got their start at MCNY and what they did to solve real-world challenges in their work.

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