A not-for-profit institution of higher education
founded by Audrey Cohen in 1964 in New York City

Nearly 13,000 alumni have earned degrees from Metropolitan College of New York. The college’s unique Purpose-Centered Education model helps students learn by blending theory and real-world practice within the lens of social justice.
MCNY is an accredited, not-for-profit college with two campuses in lower Manhattan and another in the Bronx. Undergraduate and graduate programs are offered through the Audrey Cohen School for Human Services and Education, the School for Business, and the School for Public Affairs and Administration.

Turn Your Purpose into Professional Success.

At Metropolitan College of New York, you’ll do more than earn a degree; you’ll also discover your purpose and redefine what it means to succeed personally, professionally and socially. Benefit from:

  • Accelerated timetable so you can earn your degree faster

  • Convenient schedules with a combination of day, evening, weekend and online classes

  • Financial aid and scholarship opportunities that can make earning your degree practical—and affordable
  • Individualized career counseling and job search assistance to help jump-start your career
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Experiential Learning

At the core of the MCNY educational experience is the concept of Purpose-Centered Education and Constructive Action. Experiential learning – the continuous interaction between the knowledge students gain in the classroom and the knowledge they gain through direct experience in their workplace or internships – is fundamental to every course, degree and school at MCNY.

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Audrey Cohen School

Audrey Cohen School for Human Services and Education

School for Business

School for Business

School for Public Affairs

School for Public Affairs and Administration

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Message from the president

Dr. Joanne Passaro, President

Welcome to Metropolitan College of New York!

Like most of you, I was an adult when I embarked on completing my studies.  It wasn’t easy but it has been rewarding. As I look back at the journey that has come full circle and has brought me back to my hometown, I am honored and inspired to be part of the MCNY community — a welcoming, warm community of caring students, alumni, faculty and staff.

At the time of its founding, Audrey Cohen described the college as a “precedent-ignoring, innovating, peoples’ college” that aimed to educate students to empower themselves and improve their workplaces and communities. In the five decades that followed, this community has developed and expressed this important mission through the outstanding academic programs and the support services we offer today.  Our curriculum is focused around Purpose-Centered Education; an MCNY education helps students achieve their individual goals while also providing the experiences they need to empower their communities.

MCNY’s mission is more important today than ever.  Over the summer I’ll be meeting with groups of students, alumni, faculty and staff at the Manhattan and Bronx campuses to hear their thoughts about how MCNY can break new ground in achieving its goals– strengthening students’ success to graduation and beyond; attracting new donors and partners to support our ambitions for serving student and community needs; and extending our reach to new undergraduate and graduate populations through heightened recognition of the unique power of Purpose-Centered Education.

If you are a prospective student, I ask you to explore our website and visit one of our campuses in Manhattan or the Bronx.  Our curriculum is designed to allow students to accelerate their studies while balancing responsibilities at home and work. I promise that you will find a college that is different from most.  A college that will help you fulfill your dreams and realize your potential.

On behalf of the MCNY Community, I welcome you and look forward to greeting you soon.

Joanne Passaro, Ph.D.

Student & Alumni Testimonial

When you come to Metropolitan College of New York, you become part of our community of determined, and supportive change agents. You develop friendships, and relationships that will last a lifetime.

“My MCNY journey was an exceptional one!”

“I attended the one-year fast track MBA program. It was indeed fast but thorough, complete and interesting. The experiential learning component coupled with the international travel portions were the highlights of my experience. All of the professors present a community feel as opposed to other environments wherein one would disappear into the abyss. My cohort was very close. We have maintained contact and continue to be resources and supporters of one another. This was a total college experience and I highly recommend it. “ – Paula S.

How do I even begin to explain the change I experienced not only academically but personally at MCNY? First, the staff was so welcoming and genuinely interested in ME! They were warm and informative to me as a mature learner and put me at ease immediately as to all the young people walking around. I really thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up. Then, the faculty: yes, they were tough but tough to keep you on your toes and interested. ALL of them were outstanding. They instilled the discipline in me to stay focused, be on time and prepared, and to do my assignments! They had a personal interest in my success (hey Heidi). They held me to a standard and made ME motivated to finish and finish I did. I got to carry my schools flag at graduation! I am so blessed to be an MCNY Graduate of 2007 BABY! I recommend to my mature prospects to GO FOR IT! You can’t lose.

Gwendolyn Belle

MCNY is a college that actually teaches relevancy by instructors with actual experience in their field.

J. Shane Hatcher

My education at MCNY was the best investment I ever made and I mean that from the bottom of my heart! I hold a BA in Human Services from MCNY… The way they set up their curriculum makes the probability of graduating on time very high. If you apply yourself you will leave that institution with a lot of new knowledge and beliefs. It has changed me as a person for the better. When I first began MCNY I did attend orientation and was informed that the students who attended have a higher chance at graduating, I can’t say how true that is but I did attend orientation and I did graduate so… I would never forget Micheal Molina who said you will not leave this school the same person you came in as. He was right! I left a human service professional (HSP). I always knew I possessed the compassion, morals and understanding that one needs to become a HSP, but what I left my school with only enhanced my abilities and added much more to it. This school literally changed my life. It helped me look into the person I was. It has helped me in my personal life. While you are attending MCNY it may be hard to appreciate, but as I graduated as this new person I have to say my money has been well spent!

Jaleea Samuel

I had an amazing experience at MCNY. The staff of each department is knowledgeable and professional. The professors have experience in the subjects they are teaching and they help you reach the highest level of your potential. I will never stop thanking MCNY for allowing me to increase my capabilities in writing. The LEC is just amazing and I loved the library. MCNY is one of the colleges in the U.S. that empowers students with the skills and knowledge to face the challenges of tomorrow’s economy.

Elie Jerome

My experience at MCNY was a positive one. The assignments are geared towards the field that you are entering. I found that it was easy to work out a schedule for both work and school. The professors have work experience in the subjects that they teach and the Constructive Action assignments build your strength and ability to produce independently. The teaching methods function somewhat like a ladder: you are learning new subject and on each step you build upon the step before. This way you can adsorb information at a comfortable pace.

Aaron Johnson

Ready to become part of the MCNY community?