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In honor of Black History Month: “Greenwood: American Dream Destroyed” February 20 & 21, 2024

RSVP to attend. Please Use These Links – February 20, 2024 or  February 21, 2024 

The Constructive Action is designed to empower students to influence change in their communities. Students employ their analytical, writing, and communication skills to develop realistic plans and assess what can be achieved.

Metropolitan College of New York is proud to launch the “Purposed-Centered Student Spotlight”, which aims to showcase the variety of research that our graduate and undergraduate students are participating in. This initiative will celebrate our students, and the tremendous changes they are making in their education, and their communities.

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Remembering Dr. Leonard Golubchick

March 6th, 2024|

"How are ya’?"...once echoed through the halls of MCNY, now fades into silence following the loss of Dr. Leonard Golubchick in December 2023. His presence, a hearty New York accent and a warm smile [...]