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Welcome to Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY)! Our new student college orientation will provide you with important school information and address any questions you may have.

Whether you are a graduate or undergraduate, you must attend orientation in order to receive your student ID.

Please select and RSVP for the orientation you will attend below. Register for orientation now.

Office of Student Services

60 West Street, New York, NY 10006
Phone: 212-343-1234 ext. 5009
E-mail: sts@mcny.edu
Fax: 212-334-6527

Hours: Monday & Thursday: 10am - 7pm | Tuesday & Wednesday: 10 am - 6pm | Friday: 1pm - 6pm | First & Third Saturdays: 10am - 2pm

Office of Student Services

463 East 149 Street, Bronx, NY 10455
Phone: 212-343-1234 ext. 5009 or 2828
E-mail:  sts@mcny.edu
Fax: 212-334-6527

Hours: Monday & Thursday: 10am - 7pm | Tuesday & Wednesday: 10 am - 6pm | Friday: 1pm - 6pm | First & Third Saturdays: 10am - 2pm

Spring 2017 Orientation RSVP

Please Note: If you want to receive your student ID you must arrive on time to have your photo taken

Undergraduate, May 6th 9am-4pmGraduate, May 3rd 5pm-9pmBronx Graduate & Undergraduate, May 2nd 10am-1pmBronx Graduate & Undergraduate, May 2nd 5pm-8:40pm

Academic Advisement

As the first step in the registration process, ALL students must meet with an advisor in the Office of Student Services.

Each student should have at least 4 contacts with their Advisor during the semester. Contacts include emails, phone calls, classroom visits, and appointments. The nature of each meeting is as follows:

  1. Introduction – This is the initial contact where students get to meet their advisor. The advisor will cover and review the students’ goals and how they plan to use their degree as well as showing students how to access the online academic calendar. This contact is primarily done through classroom visits to a student’s CA course.
  2. Mid-point assessment – The purpose of this contact is to get an idea of how students are coping with their classes while juggling other duties. Students can schedule appointments with tutors or address any other needs, issues or concerns they maybe facing with the guidance of an advisor. This contact can be made through an email, phone call, or appointment.
  3. Advisement – Students should meet with their advisors by appointment (preferred) or walk-in to select their courses for the upcoming semesters. Past courses and academic progress will be reviewed as well as any other issues or concerns.
  4. Final assessment – This is the final contact students have with their advisors during the semester. Advisors encourage students to return to school the following semester, make sure students are prepared for the upcoming semester, and review start dates and other important dates during the first few weeks of classes. This can be done via email, phone or in person.

One-on-one advisement is an essential component to the college experience because it positions students to regularly evaluate their academic progress. During advisement, your advisor will review your academic record with you and help you plan a course schedule for the upcoming semester, preparing you to continue to work towards your degree. In order to complete your advisement, all holds must be cleared from your file. If you have been notified that there is a hold on your file (for example: immunization records, financial aid documents, admission’s documents, etc.) then you must clear those holds before advisement can take place. If you’re not sure if you have a hold, you can ask in Student Services.

When you complete advisement you will be pre-registered, pending final approval from the Registrar. You will receive a class schedule in the mail once your final registration is completed. A billing statement will be sent shortly thereafter.

The way to make this happen is to come in early for advisement. Completing your advisement before the deadline is the best way to:

  • Register for the schedule of your desired classes
  • Avoid waiting on lines

Ensure that you are ready to begin classes on the first day of the new semester. Together we’ll plan your course schedule and prepare you to continue to work towards your degree.

You can walk into Student Services at any time during operating hours. If you wish, you can also schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor. We highly recommend that you come in for advisement as early as possible.

MCNY is committed to complying with The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 – Section 504, in providing reasonable accommodations in its academic programs, thus insuring maximum participation by all students with disabilities. Reasonable accommodations and academic assistance are provided to MCNY students with disabilities registered with the Office of Student Services. Students with disabilities must complete a Request for Academic Adjustment Application Form available from the Student Services Office.

Documentation of disability from a qualified medical or other licensed practitioner is required at this time. Specific guidelines for disability documentation are available from the Student Services Office. Accommodations are individually determined according to documented need. To apply for special accommodations, or to request more information, please contact Saidia Jacobs, Coordinator of Student Support and Development at Sjacobs@mcny.edu, in the Office of Student Services.