Message From the President

Dr. Charles J. Gibbs

Dear Scholars,

Welcome to Metropolitan College of New York!

As Metropolitan College of New York’s 7th president, I am elated to begin this journey alongside you and our entire MCNY community. Together with our dedicated faculty and staff, I am committed to uplifting you on a path to personal and professional success. Whether you are studying in Manhattan, the Bronx, or online, our community’s shared goal is to see you thrive and succeed. MCNY is a place where all voices are heard, and self-expression is encouraged.

I want you to ask yourself, why are you here? What is your purpose? At MCNY, our purpose is to see you excel. Our purpose is to help you succeed and to be the best version of yourself. Our purpose is for you to grow and contribute to the communities and workplaces you serve. You have made the right choice—selecting MCNY—if your goal is to grow and have an impact on all you encounter. MCNY upholds the promise our founder Audrey Cohen made 60 years ago; “to provide access to Purpose-Centered Education that advances educational, social and wealth equity.”

MCNY empowers scholars to reach their full potential while making a positive impact on their communities. Each semester, through ‘Constructive Action’ you will apply your knowledge in real-world settings, solving problems and driving meaningful change in your academic realms, workplaces and beyond, alongside our world-class faculty and staff.

Our success is measured by your success. Through you, our mission extends far beyond graduation. MCNY alumni can be found changing public policy, becoming thriving entrepreneurs, managing non-profits, leading government agencies, and educating future leaders as community mentors. We take pride in the accomplishments of our alums who work to facilitate and promote equity for all.

In a world with an abundance of information, yet often lacking in understanding, we are called to be agents of change. Therefore, when you graduate, I ask you to do more than open the door for someone else. Wield your power to empower others and bring them along.

MCNY is ready to further build your integrity, spark your innovation, build your empowerment, and support your diversity. Welcome to MCNY. We believe in what we do, we believe in you and we are excited to be part of your powerful and purposeful journey.

TOGETHER, we will move MCNY Forward!

President Gibbs