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As a transfer student at Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY), you can earn your associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree faster than you ever thought possible. Our accelerated programs and flexible credit transfer policy make transferring here simple—and rewarding:

  • Apply and enroll in any of our three semesters.
  • Transfer up to 12 credits toward your associate degree, up to 90 credits for bachelor’s degree work—and up to six credits for graduate programs—depending on program requirements. Credits are generally awarded for relevant and equivalent coursework at accredited colleges and universities with a grade of “C” for associate and undergraduate, and “B” for master’s degree, or better. An official transcript is required and only credits earned within five years will be accepted.
  • Articulation agreements with several community and private colleges make the transfer experience seamless.
  • Scholarships and financial aid available for eligible students.
  • There is no application fee if you apply online for undergraduate or graduate programs.

We Give Credit Where Credit Is Due: MCNY offers semester exemption or credits towards certain degrees for life and professional experience, military service as well as College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP) examinations.

Advanced Standing: Bachelor of Professional Studies students enrolled in the Audrey Cohen School for Human Services and Education with extensive professional experience and previous education may, after completing the first two semesters, apply for the Advanced Standing Option. In this rigorous process, students must document that they are able to relate the required bodies of knowledge to their workplace experience in accordance with the College’s requirements. The Advanced Standing Option enables the validation of prior college credits and work experience and may lead to course exemptions. See how our flexible credit policy can help you earn your degree faster. To arrange an evaluation of your transfer credits, contact the admissions office.

Office of Admissions

60 West Street - 1st Floor
Phone: 212-343-1234 ext. 5001
E-mail:  admissions@mcny.edu
Fax: 212-343-8470

Hours: Monday & Thursday: 10am - 7pm | Tuesday & Wednesday: 10 am - 6pm | Friday: 12pm - 6pm | Saturday: 10am - 2pm

Office of Admissions

463 East 149 Street - 1st Floor
Phone: 212-343-1234 ext. 5001
E-mail:  admissions@mcny.edu
Fax: 212-343-8470

Hours: Monday & Thursday: 10am - 7pm | Tuesday & Wednesday: 10 am - 6pm | Friday: 12pm - 6pm | First & Third Saturdays: 10am - 2pm


MCNY has transfer articulation agreements with several community and private colleges to ensure that students receive credit for eligible courses they have already completed. Transfer students who meet the admissions criteria are also eligible for the $4,000 Transfer Articulation grant. If you’ve completed an associate degree from a college listed below, you may be eligible to begin MCNY as a junior. The bachelor’s degree can then be completed in just 16 months!

    • Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC)
      • Business Administration (BBA)
      • Criminal Justice (EMBC)
      • Health Information Technology (HSM)
      • Human Services (BPS)
    • Bronx Community College (BCC)
      • Human Services (BPS)
    • Brookdale Community College
      • Business Administration (BBA)
    • Guttman Community College
      • Business Administration (BBA)
    • Kingsborough Community College (KBCC)
      • Business Administration (BBA)
    • LaGuardia Community College (LAGCC)
      • Liberal Arts: Gerontology (BPS)
      • Liberal Arts: Mental Health (BPS)
    • Queensborough Community College (QCC)
      • Business Administration (BBA)
    • ASA College
      • Criminal Justice (EMBC)
      • Medical Assisting (HSM)
      • Medical Office Administration (HSM)
      • Health Information Technology (HSM)
    • BramsonOrt College
      • Business Management (BBA)
      • Medical Assistant (HSM)
    • Iglobal University
      • Business Administration (MBA)
    • Long Island Business Institute (LIBI) (formally Professional Business College)
      • Business Administration (BPS)
      • AOS in Office Technology (HSM)
      • Certificate Program in Healthcare Administration and Technology (HSM)
      • Homeland Security (EMBC)
    • Mandl School
      • Health and Human Services (BPS
      • Healthcare Administration (HSM)
      • Medical Assistant (HSM)
    • Mildred-Elley New York
      • Medical Assistant (HSM)
    • Technical Career Institute (TCI)
      • Business Administration: Accounting and Computerized Accounting Systems (BBA)
      • Business Administration: Finance (BBA)
      • Business Administration: Management (BBA)
      • Business Administration: Marketing (BBA)
      • Health Information Technology (HSM)
      • Human Services (BPS)
      • Security Services and Management (EMBC)
    • Professional Business College (PBC) – See Long Island Business Institute (LIBI)
    • International Business School (ISG)–France
      • Business and Management (BBA)
    • JIS University – India
      • Business Administration (MBA)
    • City University College of Science and Technology–Malaysia
      • Bachelor of Business (MBA)
      • Bachelor of Accounting (MBA)
      • Bachelor of Science (MBA)
      • Bachelor of Engineering Management (MBA)
      • Management (BBA)
      • Business Management (BBA)
      • Accountancy (BBA)
      • Human Resources Management (BBA)
      • Office Management (BBA)
  • Charter High School for Architecture Engineering and Construction Industries

An accredited institution, all our programs are designed for working professionals with accelerated timetables and flexible schedules. All admission documents become the property of the college and are not to be copied for release to students or third parties.

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