Are leaders born or made?

At Metropolitan College of New York, we believe it’s a little of both.

Students come to MCNY to hone their own creativity, passion, and focus. We help build open-mindedness, insight, and confidence through our rigorous coursework. Our supportive faculty and intensive schedule ensure commitment, authenticity, and persistence. It all adds up to a great leader… like LadyKathryn.

Married at 15, LadyKathryn and her husband had two children very young. But what she thought was a happy marriage quickly evolved into decades of domestic violence. Determined to make a better life for herself and her children, she defied her husband and began taking evening classes at a local college, but was unable to complete her degree due to the severe abuse and multiple hospitalizations. Then her life took a real turn. In 1995, she accidentally killed her husband in self-defense.

As an alternative to incarceration, she participated in a support program for survivors of domestic violence and became more determined to rebuild her life. LadyKathryn finished her degree at MCNY, earning her BPS in Human Services in 2003. As a counselor for domestic violence survivors, LadyKathryn wanted to have even more of an impact – her own experience and sympathy for others facing domestic violence led her back to MCNY to earn her MPA.

Not satisfied with simply providing counseling, LadyKathryn has led efforts to change legislation so that domestic violence survivors will be treated fairly under the law. She is paying it forward to help other survivors rebuild their lives.

Students like LadyKathryn need additional support – such as counseling and tutoring to stay on track. With your help, MCNY provides the resources and assistance students need to change their lives and in turn, their communities.

Pay it forward and provide the supportive services students like LadyKathryn need to succeed – please join me in making a gift to MCNY today.


Dr. Vinton Thompson

President, MCNY