“We are excited and proud to announce a partnership with United International Business(UIBS) Schools to offer dual degrees to UIBS students.  In addition, MCNY’s one-year MBA will offer UIBS undergraduate students the opportunity to not only advance their degree but to also expand their knowledge of global business while offering them a New York perspective,” announced Dr. Tilokie Depoo, MCNY Chief Academic Officer and Dean of the School for Business, “We are aggressively developing international partnerships to share the unique educational experience that we offer at MCNY.  These partnerships will also benefit MCNY with a globally expanded alumni base and additional opportunities for our intensive 10-day Study Abroad component.”

Posted on February 20, 2018 by United International Business Schools

Last week, Managing Director of United International Business Schools (UIBS), Mr. Thierry Kirschstein, and Chief Academic Officer of Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY), Dr. Tilokie Depoo, signed articulation agreements for dual degree programs and further education opportunities for UIBS students. Located in downtown Manhattan, MCNY is a private non-profit institution offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the field of business, among others.The partnership with MCNY provides UIBS students with dual degree opportunities to graduate with a US-accredited degree in addition to their UIBS degree, and with further education opportunities to continue in an MCNY Master program upon graduating with a UIBS Bachelor degree.

We believe this agreement is perfectly aligned with what is happening in the world today and what we are teaching our students: far-reaching globalization and cross-cultural integration”, says Mr. Kirschstein. “This partnership not only expands further education opportunities for our students but also redefines our Global Bachelor and Global Master degree programs whereby if students decide on MCNY as their destination of choice, students will automatically earn a second degree from MCNY and have a truly unique and intercontinental study abroad experience.

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