MCNY President Vinton Thompson welcomes summit participants and reinforces the College’s commitment to our South Bronx community.

Metropolitan College of New York was proud to be the host location for the Bronx Opioid Community Summit on Saturday, April 21st. 

Acacia Network, in partnership with the Third Avenue Business Improvement District, and New York City Councilmember Rafael Salamanca, Jr. established the Bronx Opioid Collective Impact Project. The Collective hosted its first Bronx Opioid Community Summit, bringing together a broad range of speakers and participants for a highly interactive, community-based dialogue to identify, address, and reduce the harms related to opioids in the Bronx. The desired outcome of the Summit was a joint Statement of Action to address the opioid crisis with a prioritized set of recommendations.

The Collective Impact Project will convene Opioid Solution Work Groups responsible for implementing the Statement of Action and consistently communicating results and resources.

The Bronx faces a serious and growing opioid crisis.  We see its consequences in the rates of addiction, overdoses, and deaths across the borough. This is complex health, economic, and social issue with devastating consequences for individuals, families, and our communities. The growing number of overdoses and deaths caused by opioids, including fentanyl, has become a city-wide and national concern. Solutions must be compassionate, collaborative and inclusive of the entire community. We must urgently address both the immediate crisis of overdose and death as well as causes.

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State Senator Gustavo Rivera discusses rising numbers of addiction at the Acacia Network and 3rd Avenue Bid Opioid Conference

3rd Ave Bid Director Michael Brady addresses the epidemic and local businesses, employers, and employees.

District 17 Council Member Ralph (Rafael) Salamanca voices concerns about the epidemic ravaging his community.

Full house for the Summit

President Thompson discusses MCNY’s commitment to our South Bronx Community and the issues that our students and their families are facing.