As college students know, the last two weeks of the semester can feel overwhelming. Assignments pile up. Deadlines loom. The intersession break comes closer with every day, yet it can feel so far away.

If you’ve been in college before, you might have developed strategies for handling the end-of-the-semester grind. If you’re in Purpose 1, this feeling might be totally new.

In the LEC, part of our job is to help all students manage this hectic time. So here’s some advice from about how to thrive at the end of the semester.


Mike, writing specialist, Manhattan

As you finish the semester, you may find yourself rushing to complete all your work at once. Try to focus on one assignment at a time. It’ll keep you grounded.

Ha, math specialist, Manhattan and Bronx

Look ahead and know what’s coming up. That way you won’t just review your work the night before. You can even pretend your test is a week before it actually is.

Kristen, writing specialist, Bronx

Take time to schedule your assignments. If you’ve never done this before, now is the best time to start. Putting due dates and specific times to complete assignment on a calendar gives you a sense of what lies ahead.

Ren, writing specialist, Manhattan

It’s easy to get stuck right now. If that happens, don’t worry. Do the easiest thing first, whether that means working on a presentation or studying for a test. That way, you’ll finish something, which builds confidence and gives you the momentum to do the next thing.

Barrington, math specialist, Manhattan

Sometimes finals week creates an information overload. If that happens, take deep breaths. You can use that to help concentrate on the task at hand.