From time to time, we will be using this space to highlight student research. We’ll ask folks about their projects, their interests and the messy, wonderful, and oddly exciting world of research. To kick things off we spoke with PleasantBarbarita Lavezzari (Iya), a 2nd Purpose Human Services Student.

Iya Lavezzarri - Student Research Corner

PleasantBarbarita Lavezzari (Iya), a 2nd Purpose Human Services Student

What is your research about?

My research is about the history of the U.S. Constitution. I’m interested in the social, political, economic and demographic environments of the Framers of the Constitution, Amendments, and Bill of Rights. Which of these factors where the primary considerations and how were other factors compromised? What was the foreign policy relationship(s) with the most influential delegates? What direct and or indirect impact did the ratified Constitution, Amendments and Bill of Rights have on indigenous, immigrant and slave populations? In what ways have past and present interpretations of the Constitution, Amendments, and Bill of Rights affected the basic human rights and quality of life for the above-mentioned groups.

How have you used MCNY library space/librarians/library resources in your research?

I have used the library resources exclusively for this research for the following reasons: MCNY Library although small, has an impressive and diverse collection of source materials. The librarians are approachable, knowledgeable and more than willing to extend themselves with suggestions for related material resources. They take the time to ask questions that help to broaden the scope of one’s research goal or narrow one’s focus if necessary to have a more concise and clear perspective.  In other words, they help you navigate the resource ‘rabbit hole’. The library mentoring and Learning Center services were invaluable during the times when I needed organization help and help with editing and drafting reviews.