Professor Nufrio at graduation

The Human And Financial Toll of Hurricanes: Where Does The Country Go From Here?

By Philip M. Nufrio, Roseanne Mirabella and Bev Cigler

Here’s a clip from the November issue of PA Times!

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), since 1980 the United States has sustained 219 weather and climate disasters of all types. Damage costs per disaster reached or exceeded $1 billion (including Consumer Price Index adjustments through December 2017), with the cumulative costs for the 219 events exceeding $1.5 trillion…

About Philip M. Nufrio, PhD
Dr. Nufrio is a Professor of Public Administration at MCNY and has served in that role since 2004.  MPA students know him as a professor, cheerleader and connector.

While at MCNY, Dr. Nufrio chartered the College’s local chapter of the Pi Alpha Alpha honor society.  Pi Alpha Alpha is the global honor society for Public Affairs and Administration.  Dr. Nufrio also serves on the national Pi Alpha Alpha board.  He is also a member of NASPAA – the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration, the global accreditor of MPA programs.

Dr. Nufrio is a scholar in the field of public policy and administration and has had work published in Public Administration Quarterly, The International Journal of Public Administration, and Public Administration and Management.  He is also the author of Organizational Culture Change:  A Study of the National Government.  Dr. Nufrio has presented several times at the annual national conference of the American Society for Public Administration and the Teaching Public Administration conferences and has co-presented with MCNY students and alumni.

He has more than twenty years of experience working in higher education, serving as a full-time faculty member at three major colleges and universities in business and public administration.  He has consulted for numerous business and non-profit organizations in the areas of organizational change and strategic planning.  Before stepping into higher education, Dr. Nufrio worked for Kaiser Permanente Health Care and the U.S. Government as a management/policy analyst.

Dr. Nufrio has a BA from Rutgers University, an MPA in Public Administration from Syracuse University and a PhD in Public Administration from Rutgers University.