By Nathan Schiller, Director of Academic Support

When students come to the LEC, they often ask about APA Style.

How do I cite a website?

What’s a hanging indent?

Why do I need five sources?

These are important questions, and answering them requires not only knowledge about APA Style, but engagement with the writing process.

To help, we recently updated the LEC’s APA Style guide. It’s a clickable, comprehensive, user-friendly PowerPoint presentation that includes:

  • narrated slides that demonstrate process of research, writing, citations, and source integration
  • a dozen reference list examples reflecting the 7th edition of APA Style (released Oct 2019)
  • internal and external resources for APA Style
  • an intro video

It’s a great supplementary tool that pairs perfectly with tutoring. So the next time you find yourself asking APA questions, download the guide from our Moodle shell and schedule your next LEC session—getting familiar with APA Style is a key to academic success.