Racism in the 21st Century


No more!  The literal souls of Black people have been sustaining and nurturing the souls of white folk and their white fragility in America, and beyond, for far too long. Black lives have been mortgaged to pay for the structure of America’s oppressive system in the form of white fragility, from its inception to its present! And for what? Because Blacks dare remind America of its unfulfilled promises because Blacks dare point out America’s continued racial inequality and injustice. Because Blacks are rending the veil that protects white privilege. Because Blacks are putting to lie the notion that racism is not structural in 21st century America. (from Why White Fragility Is, And Has Always Been, The Roadblock Towards Real Change by Lessie Branch, PhD on Blavity) 

Lessie Branch, Ph.D.


Lessie Branch, Ph.D.– Associate Professor, Metropolitan College of New York, Racial Policy Scholar and a Fulbright Specialist in Race, Ethnicity and Religion in Politics, and Senior Research Fellow at the DuBois Bunche Center for Public Policy at Medgar Evers College.


We’re here at a pivotal moment.

  • The concept of citizenship, its privileges and protections just never seem to catch on substantively for Blacks.
  • There is great collectivism in the push to usher in racial equality and equity. We’ve been here before where the issue of racism was politicized and displayed.
  • The most leverage one has is when an accord or deal is being “struck.” We arguably have the most leverage now. What is the ask?


  • Joey Jackson, Esq. – Principal at The J. Jackson Law Firm, PLLC and CNN Legal Analyst
  • Rasheda L. Weaver, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, Iona College
  • Rahsaan Harris, Ph.D. – CEO of Citizens Committee for NYC
  • Desi K. Robinson, M.B.A. – Health and Lifestyle Journalist, Education Fellow/NYS inaugural cohort of the Leaders of Color Initiative, and MCNY Alumna
  • Malynda Rascoe, M.P.A. – Political Influencer, Chair-New York State Young Democrats Caucus of Color, and MCNY Alumna