MCNY School for Public Affairs and Administration, Emergency Management Professor, George Contreras

Please join us in congratulating George Contreras, adjunct professor in the School for Public Affairs and Administration, Emergency and Disaster Management Master’s program. Professor Contreras, as an expert in the field of medical, health and emergency management, was invited to be the only American to contribute to the book Reflections and Recommendations for a New Society Post COVID19, an initiative of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

“It was an honor and pleasure to be invited to contribute to this global effort supported by the United Nations. As a precursor to this book, there were ongoing daily virtual forums hosted by the Centro Internacional de Formación para Autoridades y Líderes (CIFAL), a Global Network composed of 19 International Training Centers for Authorities and Leaders,“ said George Contreras, “I provided updates regarding the overall and healthcare response from a New York City and State perspective to COVID19.”

Closing Ceremony for the Book August 3, 2020

Reflections and Recommendations for a New Society Post COVID19 was the brainchild of Julio Andrade, the former deputy mayor and current director of the CIFAL office in Málaga, Spain. The book examines COVID-19 from a variety of perspectives from health and medical to tourism and politics. Contreras’ contribution can be found in the first chapter.

MCNY has had a cherished, long-standing relationship with the city of Málaga. Mr. Andrade, while Deputy Mayor, hosted the 2018 field-study trip for MCNY’s Emergency and Disaster Management MPA graduate students. Vice President Humphrey Crookendale and Program Director Ali Gheith welcomed Mr. Andrade and the mayor of Málaga, Francisco de la Torre, in 2019 when they were guests of the United Nations. MCNY’s relationship also extends into education with the University of Málaga (UMA). The two colleges have a Memorandum of Understanding and collaborate in the field of emergency management under UMA program director, Jesus Miranda. MCNY has also hosted graduate students from UMA over the past three years. Additionally, in 2019, the Director of UNITAR, Alex Mejia, was a guest speaker at MCNY hosted by President Passaro and Vice President Crookendale. These relationships have paved the way for international opportunities for collaboration in the growing field of Emergency and Disaster Management for MCNY, our students, alumni and faculty.