By Natalia Sucre, Instruction and Digital Services Librarian

Local Politics Part 2: A View from the Bronx

Last Wednesday, Marricka Scott-McFadden, MCNY MPA program alumnamet with students and faculty to discuss her work within the internal operations of Bronx borough government. Ms. Scott McFadden has served as the Deputy Bronx Borough President since 2018 Before that, she was Chief of Staff for many years tNew York State Assembly speaker, Carl E. Heastie, who represents Assembly District 83 in the Bronx and is the first African American speaker of the Assembly.  

Ms. McFadden gave a heartfelt account of her journey from a young person with minimal interest in politics to someone who understands that people can make a difference regarding quality of life for all in their communities through politics, especially local politics. compelling, no-nonsense speaker, Ms. McFadden argued for the power of local politics. As she put it, “If you have a pot-hole, calling Joe Biden isn’t going to fix it.” She clarified: It’s important to educate ourselves on how city government works and to understand just who is responsible for what and who can help. 

The Politics of Community Engagement

Students in attendance –primarily from the Master of Arts Program in Community Health Education— drew on their course discussions to ask probing questions about community engagement and access to community resources. They pointed out the need to support vulnerable communities like seniors in accessing information and pondered how to effectively get across the message that government should, in fact, be for the people, not above the people. Ms. McFadden wrapped up the rich discussion with an appeal to all to consider joining their community boards to impact government from the ground up.  

Thanks to all who attended! Stay tuned for the view from Brooklyn and Queens.