Jason Foster

Even a pandemic can’t stand in the way of an MCNY Alum with PURPOSE!

Jason Foster MBA’11, President & Chief Operating Officer at Destination Crenshaw aims to bring the community’s vision for an economic catalyst to life in Destination Crenshaw.

Jason Foster’s Destination Crenshaw ‘I Am Park’ project commissioned 100 Black art and culture infrastructure projects as an economic catalyst to counteract the devastation of the MetroLAX project and further gentrification on Los Angeles, California’s Crenshaw communities.

“Destination Crenshaw’s visual impact will mean permanently stamping one of the city’s most historic neighborhoods as the cradle of Black American culture with spaces devoted to Black creativity, ingenuity, artistry, and architectural excellence,” said Jason Foster.

Read more about the project in the full feature on Los Angeles Sentinel and on ArtNetNews in the September 1, 2021 feature.

Destination Crenshaw: The Visual

More about Jason Foster
For his part, Foster says a focus on helping Black people thrive is rooted in his family experiences, “I started my career by studying finance at Howard University. I wanted to understand how we as Black people can have a better relationship with money. How we can have our community pride and intrinsic value match our community aesthetic,” he said.

Foster has had stints working at non-profits across the country, studied affordability in American studies and led River LA as CEO — the riverfront beautification project that brought him back to Los Angeles with his wife Janell, in 2011 after completing his MBA at Metropolitan College of New York. “Destination Crenshaw is the summation of all that work for me. It’s our community being engaged at the infrastructure level on how the city can serve our economic needs while improving our quality of life.