Dear Members of the MCNY Community,

On Veteran’s Day, MCNY is proud to honor the courage and commitment of our students, staff and faculty who are veterans or current members of our armed forces.  We also solemnly commemorate the sacrifices of the men and women who died in defense of our nation and our freedom.

U.S. servicemembers share the values of integrity, duty, and loyalty.  MCNY is proud to have so many veterans and service members in our community, and we are thankful for the important perspectives and contributions they bring to our classrooms.  Today, and every day, we thank them for their service in the name of our nation’s ideals.

Some members of the MCNY community wanted to express, in their own words, their thanks to our veterans and servicemembers.  Please watch for an email that will follow.

We thank you, again, for your commitment, your sacrifices,  and your example.


Joanne Passaro
President, Metropolitan College of New York