January 25, 2022

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

We look forward to welcoming the classes that are scheduled to be in person or hybrid back on campus starting on Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

This is a reminder that masks that cover your nose and mouth must be worn at all times in classrooms, common areas and shared work areas. We encourage you to use the KN95 masks that will be available at the security desks of each campus. Social distancing should be maintained to the extent possible while on campus.

We care about your health and the health of our community. As most of you know, a number of practices were put in place to maintain healthy teaching and learning environments on our campuses. These include:

  • All faculty, staff, students and visitors must show proof of completed vaccination to enter MCNY campuses
    • We continue to offer a $100 vaccination incentive to new students and continuing students who have not previously received the incentive. Students, to upload your proof of vaccination if you haven’t done so already, go to: https://forms.mcny.edu/student/proofcovidvaccine
  • Medical-grade air purifiers are in place in all classrooms and large common areas.
  • Classrooms continue to be operated at reduced capacity to allow more space between desks.

Please remember that you must carry your college ID with you at all times and scan it at the security desk prior to being authorized to enter the campus. Security staff will ask you three health screening questions each time you come to campus prior to admitting you to campus.

Thank you for your help in protecting each other while the pandemic continues.

With best wishes,

Joanne Passaro