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In a post by Jenay Wright, written by Luz Mack, MPA’07, the deep roots of PURPOSE unfold as Luz declares, “I Am Called Negra” and poetically shares what is behind her drive and determination.

September 22, 2022

I Am Called Negra – Luz Mack

I Am a Complex Mixture With a Rich History of Survival—birthed From the Colonizer’s War That Destroyed All Traces of Taino Origins but Not Before Raping and Enslaving Them. They Created a New Generation While Erasing All Memories…Read the full post on #IAMENOUGH 

More About Luz Mack
Luz Mack, MPA’07 is a Dominican children’s author and proud south Bronx resident. She loves telling stories that highlight culture and language and affirm children. Her work stems from the love of helping children and families feel seen and understood by the magic of stories. Her dedication is selfless and endless.

As a writer, she won the Best Animated Short Film at Bridge Fest in October 2020. In March 2021 featured on PBS’s chat and learn. ¡Pequeña Maria Descubre su baile! Little María discovers her dance! As well as partnering with Disney Storybook Art Team in helping write the “Family is Everything (Disney Encanto) picture book. Her latest project is The Secret of the Plátano, which will be available in English and Spanish on Sept 7th, 2022, and published via Soaring Kite Books, a small imprint of Lerner Publishing.

You might recognize Luz as she is often seen in her community bringing the joy of reading and writing to festivals, local businesses, webinars and community centers. Her dedication is selfless and endless. You can learn more about her in this MCNY profile.