Graduating from college is a special moment for any student, but what many don’t realize is the tremendous amount of effort the faculty and staff put in to make it a reality. Behind the scenes, these members of the academic family, faculty and staff, have been teaching, sharing, supporting and helping students so they can reach the finish line.

Dr. Sarah Ceballos, Assistant Professor of Management attended her first MCNY ceremony. Later that day she shared her thoughts on LinkedIn

“I must confess I have avoided graduation in the past because it is hard for me to say “goodbye” or “see you later” to students. I genuinely enjoy being in the classroom and learning from them as much as they learn from me. There’s nothing like engaging in thoughtful discussions and really just doing life together. I’m always fascinated by their talents and backgrounds – their stories of perseverance and rigor. In general, I believe in the beauty and goodness of each and every individual.

However, I knew that I needed to pay attention to my duties as a faculty member in The School for Business at MCNY, the City of New York, including its surrounding boroughs and the students we serve. It is my joy and it is truly an honor to pay it forward like so many of my former professors and teachers have done for me.

I have not been with this community too long, but I couldn’t help but beam with pride as some of the former students that I have had in class graduated today. This was such a full circle moment for me and I thought to myself, this must have been how my professors felt when I crossed the stage for the last time five years ago.

Even as I write this, I am moved to tears when I think about what they’ll accomplish and where they will go, I LOVE to see people succeed and am always happy to cheer them on!

CONGRATULATIONS, Class of 2023, you did it! All the absolute best to you in all of your endeavors. I have no doubts about the impact you will make on this world. Thank you for taking my class and thank you to MCNY for having me!”

A little about Dr. Sarah D. Ceballos
Dr. Ceballos is originally from South Texas near the Mexican border. As a woman and a Latina, it is important to her to lead by example. She is a 3rd generation Mexican American who grew up with an emphasis on education. She is the first in her family to have earned a terminal degree. Growing up around a small business gave Dr. Ceballos an entrepreneurial mindset. However, the path toward higher education eventually chose her by way of “Corporate America.” Dr. Ceballos’ career in finance and retail began in 2008. During the final stages of her Ph.D. program, she began teaching in 2015. Her experience in the corporate world provided the “real-world” scenarios that she now shares in the classroom in addition to keeping up to date on the latest business trends.