Dear MCNY Community,

2022 brought renewed vibrancy and energy to the MCNY community—and to our campuses—as we move past the pandemic. Students, faculty and staff continued to demonstrate resilience and dedication as they enthusiastically returned to campus for classes and in-person events that reconnected us all as we worked towards our common goals.

This renewed energy is reflected in the pages of our annual report. We invite you to take a look at the highlights and progress Metropolitan College of New York has made over the last year.

As we work towards realizing our mission in new ways, our connections with MCNY alumni and friends will be more important than ever. We will reach out for your advice and support as we deepen our work with partners throughout the city. The College will also offer more on-campus events to strengthen our community and enrich alumni connections and networks.

We look forward to your continued support as we chart an exciting new path for expanding the reach of Purpose-Centered Education.


Joanne Passaro, PhD
President, Metropolitan College of New York

Here are the highlights of the Annual Report 2022!