The MCNY Community congratulates Dr. Emmanuel N.A. Tetteh!

In collaboration with the Worldwide Association of Small Churches, Inc. (WASC) and on behalf of the President Volunteer Service Award (PVSA), established by President George W. Bush to honor civilians who volunteer to serve people in need, on Saturday, October 21, 2023, Dr. Tetteh was awarded the 2023 United States of America Presidential Lifetime Achievements Award by President Joe Biden.

“While this U.S. Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award is a testament in recognition of thousands of hours for several years of my community-based volunteer services, I’m humbled to have had the opportunity to serve humanity through service-learning, civic engagement activities, faith-based initiatives, project-based scholarships, and educational services. So, this award honors my continued commitment to advancing social transformation and justice and preparing the next generation of civic leaders to serve the common good of our society. Moreover, my inherent belief enshrined in the deontology of voluntary service is the pragmatism of selfless devotion to uplifting the souls, dignity, well-being, and spirit of others toward independent living standards of conditions and the goal attainment of individual aspirations. Often, the situational dynamics that plague human society are the escalation of those who are often deprived of the core societal dignities to whom the call for an actionable solution is warranted as the power of selfless devotion to voluntary service by which they are offered the hopeful opportunity for social advancement to life prospects.” – Dr. Emmanuel N.A. Tetteh

About Dr. Emmanuel N.A. Tetteh
Dr. Tetteh is a distinguished educator and researcher, holding multiple roles in esteemed academic institutions. With a rich academic and professional background, Dr. Tetteh has made significant contributions to the fields of public policy and administration, particularly in the context of higher education. His career journey has been marked by a commitment to education and community service.

Currently serving as a Contributing Faculty member in the School of Public Policy & Administration at Walden University, Dr. Tetteh brings his expertise to one of the leading institutions in the field of public policy. Additionally, he holds the position of Research Faculty at Saybrook University, where his research contributions are highly valued. His role as an Adjunct Faculty member in the DPA Dissertation Committee at California Baptist University reflects his commitment to guiding doctoral candidates in their academic pursuits.

At the Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY), Dr. Tetteh is an Adjunct Professor, imparting his knowledge and experience to students pursuing their educational goals. He is also a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Management at Mercy University, where he plays a crucial role in shaping the business and management education landscape.

Dr. Tetteh’s impressive academic journey includes significant roles at various institutions, such as Norwich University and Grand Canyon University. His expertise spans a wide range of courses, including research methods, action research, and program evaluation. His mentoring of doctoral candidates has been instrumental in their academic and professional growth.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to community service and civic engagement, Dr. Tetteh received the 2023 U.S. Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from President Joe Biden. This award reflects his dedication to volunteering, faith-based initiatives, and educational services, particularly in preparing the next generation of civic leaders.

Dr. Tetteh’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree in Human Services, a Master of Science degree in Administration from MCNY, and a Ph.D. degree in Public Policy and Administration from Walden University. His groundbreaking work on the “Communal Photosynthesis” phenomenon and the development of the “creative-reflective methodology” have had a significant impact on the field of action research.

Furthermore, Dr. Tetteh’s contributions extend to big data policy analytics, where he introduced an Internet of Things (IoT) action-learning solution model. His work has been published in respected academic publications, including the Handbook of Research on Big Data and the IoT and Research Anthology on Big Data Analytics, Architectures, and Applications.

In addition to his academic commitments, Dr. Tetteh serves on the Executive Board of Directors for the Action Learning, Action Research Association, holding the position of International Vice President since 2013. This role demonstrates his dedication to promoting action learning and research on an international scale. Dr. Emmanuel N. A. Tetteh’s multifaceted contributions to education and research make him a noteworthy figure in the academic community.