Join us in congratulating Dr. Patrick Ianniello, a dynamic educator behind Metropolitan College of New York’s Master of Science in Education (MSED) program on his 20th anniversary as program director.

With a career steeped in dedication, Dr. Ianniello has carved a path of excellence in education, leaving an indelible mark on his students and aspiring teachers. Dr. Ianniello’s educational career began as a teacher within the vibrant halls of New York City Public Schools. Rising through the ranks, he wore many hats as an assistant principal and later as the esteemed principal of PS 212 – The Lady Deborah Moody School in Brooklyn. With over three decades of experience, his journey has been one of unwavering commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering a culture of excellence.

Since the inception of the MSED program in 2004, Dr. Ianniello has been a driving force behind its success. As the program director, he serves as a beacon for aspiring teachers, conducting interviews, teaching essential courses, and overseeing certification workshops. His passion for education radiates through the program, inspiring faculty and guiding students to reach for the stars.

“In as early as the second week in the program, our aspiring teachers are placed in public school classrooms working on their Constructive Action projects involving lesson planning, teaching, and the assessment of their students’ learning,“ and this is one of the reasons that the program is so successful says Dr. Ianniello, “Students put theory into practice from the start.”

Dr. Ianniello has a bachelor’s degree from Long Island University and a Master of Science in Education (MSED) from Brooklyn College. His pursuit of academic excellence led him to obtain a Ph.D. in Administration Supervision and Technology from New York University, cementing his status as a lifelong learner and visionary leader in education.

At the core of Dr. Ianniello’s philosophy lies a profound belief in the transformative power of teaching. He views teaching as not merely a profession but a calling—a sacred duty to shape the future with purpose. Under his leadership, the MSED program has become a breeding ground for compassionate educators who are ready to make a difference in New York City’s high-needs schools with a significant number of MCNY graduates serving high-risk students.

Dr. Ianniello’s visionary leadership extends beyond the classroom, as proven by the accreditation milestones achieved by the MSED program. Under his stewardship, the program earned accreditation from the National Council for Teacher Education (NCATE) and continues to maintain continuous accreditation from New York State. His advocacy for quality teacher education is further demonstrated through his role as Treasurer of the New York State Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (NYACTE), where he tirelessly champions causes for educators statewide.

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, Dr. Ianniello is an inspiration. His unwavering dedication to excellence, coupled with his passion for teaching, has transformed the lives of countless students and shaped the future of education. As we reflect on his 20-year journey at MCNY, it is clear that Dr. Ianniello will continue with passion and purpose to inspire generations of educators, lighting the way for a brighter tomorrow.