If you are not able to come to the office in person due to extenuating circumstances, you may request that the diploma be mailed to you. If your circumstances are due to medical disability or an out-of-state residence, you may fax a written request to the attention of the office of the registrar at 212-343-7397, including your:

  • Name
  • Student ID or social security number
  • Former mailing address
  • New mailing address
  • Photo ID: A photocopy of your MCNY ID card, driver’s license, job photo ID or passport
  • Reason for requesting it be mailed to you with supporting documentation (if medical)
  • Signature

We will mail your diploma certified to the new address you indicate. If you have a bursar or library hold, you must contact that office and resolve the balance before your diploma is released.

Please note: Students who live within the New York metropolitan area and those who do not have a documented physical impairment are expected to retrieve their diplomas in person. The office of the registrar will not honor such requests.