A Master’s in Bridging the Gap between Patients and Healthcare Providers.

Certified medical assistant Britt Minott is ready to combine her clinical knowledge with the business acumen she’s acquiring in MCNY’s new Master’s in Health Services and Risk Management. The Bronx mother of two and grandmother of six plans to put her unique skillset to work to improve patient understanding—and practice profitability—at a major New York hospital.


My daughter graduated from MCNY in 2004 so I was very familiar with, and impressed by, the school’s Purpose-Centered Education approach. The accelerated program also appealed to me. When I decided to earn my undergraduate degree in 2012, I went to MCNY. I received my Bachelor of Business Administration in Healthcare Systems Management in August 2015. The program really opened up my eyes to how the healthcare system worked—and how it is evolving—so I decided to keep going and earn my MBA and be part of that evolution. I started in September 2015.

What does MCNY’s Purpose-Centered Education mean to you?

The approach focuses on taking what you’re learning and applying it to the field in which you’ll be working. It gives you insights on how to use your education in the real world. You study a subject then put what you’re learning into action through your Constructive Action plan. There you bring it all together; it brings the subject to life.

Tell us about going back to school as an adult. How did MCNY help you succeed?

MCNY is incredibly supportive, in every way. I received scholarships for both my undergrad and graduate programs as well as a housing grant from Financial Aid, which helps with my bills. When I was an undergrad, I also received one-on-one tutoring in math at the Learning Enhancement Center—and my professors were always there to answer my questions.

What’s your career goal?

Once I complete my MBA, I’d like to work as a patient liaison in a hospital or large healthcare setting. Because of my experience as a medical assistant and the business skills I’ve learned at MCNY, I understand healthcare delivery from both a clinical and business perspective so I’ll be able to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers. I’m already volunteering in a similar capacity at my church, where I lead the Healthcare Ministry. I bring in healthcare providers who talk about everything from medication management for our senior citizens to HIV awareness and prevention to our teens.