A Bachelor’s in Making Quality Healthcare Accessible to: Families in Need.

Karen Davis credits her Constructive Action research into managing fiscal and economic resources in healthcare with helping her earn her promotion at Columbia University Medical Center, where’s she’s saving the institution significant dollars. While this single mother of two achieves her professional success, she’s also looking to make a significant impact on her Bronx community by using what she learned about entrepreneurship to start a business that helps the under-insured find quality healthcare.


I loved so much about MCNY. Their accelerated program was perfect for me as a single working mother. The classes were structured to fit around my busy schedule. Their Purpose-Centered Education meant that courses and programs were relevant to my career goals. And finally, the professors who taught the classes are leaders in their field so I knew I was learning from the best.

Tell us about your Constructive Action plan. How has it impacted your career?

My Constructive Action (CA) plan was very well structured to my industry. The CA in my seventh “Purpose” (what other schools call a semester) was particularly relevant to me. It focused on managing fiscal and economic responsibility in healthcare systems and allowed me to really understand the financial side of working in the healthcare sector. This was a huge benefit to me. My CA definitely prepared me to be promoted to my current position as practice administrator and operations manager of the Outpatient Center. I now oversee a staff of five.

What’s your ultimate goal?

Ideally, I’d like to give back by starting a community center to help those who are poor and under-insured find quality healthcare. The entrepreneurship skills I learned at MCNY definitely prepared me to open up such a business in my community.