We remember Steven Lenhart, Dean of Enrollment Services and Director of Marketing.  Dean Lenhart passed on Monday, April 16th 2012.

I speak for all of us in recognizing his tremendous contributions to MCNY and the deep affection we felt for him personally.

For 25 years, Dean Lenhart served the institution, the students, faculty and community with great dedication.  With deep passion, commitment and pride, he was determined to improve the intellectual landscape of this diverse city by enhancing the lives of MCNY students.  He was a mentor to many individual students through their studies here and into life beyond the college – his office was an open congregation of students and alumni. His spirit was contagious.  All the while, he tirelessly promoted an admissions effort that combined integrity with effectiveness. He was a principal architect of the present success of MCNY.

As a testament to his passion for education, Dean Lenhart established a scholarship fund to benefit graduate students in need of funding in order to complete their degrees.  His legacy continues with the Steven K. Lenhart  Graduate Scholarship Fund.


Dr. Vinton Thompson

President, Metropolitan College of New York