Time: 6:00- 7:30
Meeting Location: In-Person

Meeting Duration:

Agenda Overview

Discussion Conversation:

  • Discussion on Mixer outcome
  • Destinations with attraction write up due at formal meeting
  • LinkedIn vs. Bulletin Board
  • Being mindful of holidays when planning events
  • Action Item 1:
  • Create an Eventbrite and RSVP for MPA recognition Week- MPA event
  • May 11, 2018 at 6pm- 1st floor
  • Conducting paid events (ie. through raffles)
  • Pre- plan all events for the 2018 year


Action item 2:

Leadership formal meeting and MPA Vacation 2019

  • Group agreed to coordinate an MPA Alumni Trip early spring 2019
  • Destinations have been identified; Barbados, St. Lucia, Florida, New Orleans and California. Members have agreed to draft a summary and attractions for each location.
  • Rafiu will follow up with estimates for the proposed destinations.
  • Members will also follow up with a referred vacation specialist

-Dennis suggested St. Lucia, Dwayne suggest Barbados, Kassiana will look into Haiti.

-We should make connections with other countries that have nonprofit organizations,

-Paris is off the table- due to the low numbers of alumni.

-Discussed staying domestic- for 2019

-Next meeting, we will discuss another state with a nonprofit organization

-The idea of Puerto Rico- fundraising/relief-while vacationing

Action item 3:

MPA Bulletin Board developed by Dwayne

Linked in vs. Bulletin Forum

  • Dwayne has sent a link for Alumni to register (This communication board will serve as a backup for now)- http://Nm;
  • Meeting minutes and recordings will be posted on the bulletin board moving forward.
  • Please speak with Dwayne if there are any questions, concerns or suggestions
  • Will add employment section to the bulletin


Action item 4:

Public service Recognition week May 6-12

Please bring to our attention to anyone you feel should be acknowledged via social media for MPA recognition week.

-Planning a meet and greet.

-Possibly on the Friday.

– Invite both current students and alumni, Tina will post the invite on Social Media.

-Nominate someone who will be appreciated for public service.

-Should start collecting data and increase our contact list.

-Discussed the marketing strategy- 3 people that can share their journey in Public Service.

-We should all work on the language and how we will present this “meet and greet” to the MPA.

-Tomorrow everyone will send idea’s and send to Kassiana and she will, in turn, send it to John

-If anyone has a person they would like to nominate to speak- also send that to Kassiana by tomorrow.

New Action

ASPA Conference 2019- We should start promoting and exposing the conference for 2019-Since it’s in Washington DC.

Midterm Election- MPA voting (set up a table) -Voting registration drive

-Discussed the student survey, which will be sent to us for review and next meeting

-Discussed attending MPO to represent MCNY

Recording for the meeting will be posted on the bulletin board.

 Meeting Attendees:

John Edwards
Kassiana Parris
Dwayne Hackett
Dion Powell
Dennis Tyson
Rafiu Laguda
Tania Moreta
Michael Goodwin

Next Meeting Date:  Wednesday, 5/23/18

Meeting minutes: 

Next Discussion Topic(s):

2019 MPA vacation-review of all summaries

Review of graduate survey