A Message on Mission from Humphrey A. Crookendale, Dean of the MCNY School for Public Affairs and Administration

The Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs and Administration (NASPAA) (http://www.naspaa.org/)  specifies that a Master of Public Administration program “have a statement of mission that guides performance expectations and their evaluation, including

  • its purpose and public service values, given the program’s particular emphasis on public affairs, administration, and policy
  • the population of students, employers, and professionals the program intends to serve, and
  • the contributions it intends to produce to advance the knowledge, research and practice of public affairs, administration, and policy” (January 9, 2017 “Self Study Instructions”)

With these guidelines in mind, the full-time members of the MPA-PAA program’s faculty and the program’s administrators consulted with its internal and external stakeholders — including the program’s students, adjunct members of its faculty,  its alumni, and members of the college’s administration — in developing and reviewing this mission statement. The statement was formally approved by the members of the program’s full-time faculty and the members of its advisory board in 2017.

This statement guides all matters related to the MPA-PAA program.

I encourage you to refer to it in all of your activities related to the program.


Humphrey A. Crookendale
Dean, School for Public Affairs and Administration