Do you remember how you felt when you started college? Confused? Scared? And, excited nonetheless.

Now, you’re a college graduate, and MCNY is proud of you. That pride goes both ways of course. If it were not for the College, you would have fewer options than you do today. 

What would the best way for you to show your pride?

Join Your Alumni Network!

Staying in touch with your alma mater is an important part of continuing to ADD value to your education. The same strong bond that you shared with your cohort is the same bond that can be shared with peers in your Alumni Network. These are some of the reasons alumni have shared with us about what the value of an alumni network would be to them…

  1. Developing Connections

Currently, MCNY has over 6000 alums within our network.  Building a network of MCNY graduates increases opportunities. MCNY offers many chances for alumni to get together at socials, college events, seminars, and community functions. Not only is this a great way to mingle and enjoy yourself, but it is also the perfect opportunity to expand your professional network.

  1. Staying Informed

Your alumni network is always in the loop of what is happening at MCNY and in your field. Career opportunities, professional development, and networking events are some of the best reasons to join.

  1. Expanding Your Skills

Access to Career Development is very important.  Services from MCNY’s Office of Career Development are available to all alumni.  Our Alumni Networks assist Career Development by providing support with workshops and career coaching as well as adding their companies and organization to our databases as resources for jobs and/or advice.

  1. Showing Pride

Supporting your school shows pride in your education. Are you proud of having graduated? Does your diploma signify your feelings for your university? Alumni connection and support is essential to keeping this pride alive!

  1. Helping Other Students

Being part of MCNY’s Alumni Network is a great way to help current students. Whether through scholarship donations, activity support or awards, your membership can bring about a whole lot of good for students who are now in the same place you once were.

  1. Increase Your Degree Value

How does your degree increase in value? It’s simple. According to several college reporting agencies such as U.S. News & World Report, alumni engagement is one of several qualities used to rank colleges. When you join your school’s organization, it helps increase that school’s reputation. In turn, this makes your degree even more valuable.

  1. Giving Back

Joining an alumni network is the easiest way to give back to your school. For instance, there are students who are in the same situation that you were in that can use a mentor. It isn’t always about fundraising though MCNY needs donors to step up for scholarships for those students who need that last minute emergency fund. Donating your time is just as valuable, if not more valuable, to an individual student.

So, now remember how you felt when you first started college.

Assess how you feel now — confident, eager and still focused on your future!