January 7, 2019Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY) School for Business and the Office of Career Development, in partnership with the Money Management Institute (MMI), launched a diversity and inclusion initiative for undergraduate and graduate students of the MCNY School for Business. “We are committed to helping students enter and succeed, on a personal and business level, in the financial sector,” said Dr. Rachel Yager, Program Director, MCNY School for Business MBA Financial Services. 

“MMI has created a 14-week online certificate program and professional development series,” shared John Edwards, Executive Director of the MCNY Bronx Campus and College-Wide Career Development Initiatives, We currently have 20 of our students enrolled. Money Management Institute (MMI) is helping the College in developing our financial services students to meet the demands of the industry. Last Friday (Jan 4, 2019), we had our first meeting and panel discussion with one of the industry giants, Brookfield Asset Management. The student’s experience was extraordinary.” 

MCNY thanks Shewanna Grasty, Vice President Program Manager, Gateway to Leadership, MMI,  who was instrumental in outreach and development of this pilot program.  Our meeting with Brookfield Asset Management was widely successful and the first of many. Stay connected to MCNY for more great professional development opportunities.

For additional information, please email jedwards@mcny.edu or ryager@mcny.edu.


About Metropolitan College of New York
Audrey Cohen, an educational visionary and activist founded the Women’s Talent Corps in 1964. Through development and training for new professional positions, the Talent Corps created employment for thousands of people. It became The College for Human Services, later Audrey Cohen College, and today Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY).  For over 50 years, MCNY has continued the tradition of offering highly motivated learners an education that combines applied skills with professional knowledge to effect personal transformation and positive change in the workplace and community.  MCNY is a not-for-profit, accredited, independent college. Year-round offerings accelerate degree completion, and a unique approach to learning permits close integration of workplace activities and study. MCNY locations are in the Financial District at 60 West Street, New York, NY 10006 and in the Bronx at 463 East 149th Street, Bronx, NY 10455.  For more information on MCNY, visit mcny.edu or call 800.33.THINK.