Gilmanda portrait

Born in Brooklyn and raised by hardworking Dominican Women, Gilmanda Sena Atkinson understands the power of perseverance and how it can impact one’s journey. Her biggest inspiration growing up taught her the value of family, honesty, and authenticity.

“As a child, the women around me, especially my mother and aunts, were my biggest inspiration. I saw women who faced many challenges and always moved forward regardless of the situation,” says Gilmanda Sena Atkinson.

2012 MBA General Management Alumna, Gilmanda Sena Atkinson, IT and business strategist, has been named one of the Negocios Now “Latinos 40 Under 40”. Please join us in congratulating her! Gilmanda is also a certified life coach and author who specializes in personal and professional development for corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. She provides all-inclusive business solutions that integrate a holistic approach to project management, and she serves as the strategist, planner, and cheerleader for her clients. Atkinson is in the early planning stage of developing a STEM and media camp for disadvantaged youth in the Dominican Republic, as an initiative to improve academic achievement, curb delinquency, and reduce crime among youth. She is a Brooklyn native and currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and daughter. 

Observing the strength of her family motivated her to become the woman she is today!

Learn more about Gilmanda Sena Atkinson and her dedication to personal and professional development, entrepreneurship, and leadership on the Latinas En New York (LENY) website.