Metropolitan College of New York is pleased to announce its Employee Recognition Award Program. The award ceremony took place at the Manhattan Campus on Wednesday, November 20.  All members of the MCNY community, students, staff and alumni were invited to participate in the nominations and the festivities.

Awards were presented to distinguished members of our community who have displayed a commitment to the College’s mission and its students through their work and service.  MCNY’s mission is to provide a superior, experientially-based education that fosters personal and professional development, promotes social justice, and encourages positive change in workplaces and communities.

This year’s winners personify this mission.

Dr. James Fawundu – Audrey Cohen Award for Academic Excellence

Dr. Charles Gray – Audrey Cohen Award for Academic Excellence

Mr. John Edwards – Audrey Cohen Award for Leadership and Achievement 

Please join us in congratulating our winners and we look forward 2020! 

Winners: James Fawundu, Charles Gray, President Passaro, Humphrey Crookendale and John Edwards

Professors James Fawundu and Charles Gray, President Joanne Passaro, Interim CAO Crookendale and John Edwards