By Nathan Schiller, Director of Academic Support

For the past five years, the LEC has held a small but vibrant event near the end of every semester. In the LEC, we officially refer to it as the Student Recognition Party. But that doesn’t quite capture how special and meaningful it is.

Yesterday afternoon, in the LEC in Manhattan, we gathered with many of the students we’ve worked with this semester. We socialized over light, tasty refreshments and then shared thoughts, in an open forum, on the learning process.

We noted how impressed we are with our students’ ability to focus on big, complex school projects, like the CA, while working and caring for families. And our students expressed their gratitude for the way the LEC offers a comfortable, inspiring, holistic environment for critical thinking, deep learning, and relationship building.

As always, we invited students who have scheduled at least one session in the LEC this semester. But everyone in the MCNY community is welcome. Peer mentors were there, librarians and library staff stopped by, instructors and staff from other offices made their way to our area. We even had students who beforehand never knew much about the LEC pass through.

On behalf of all my colleagues in the LEC and the Learning Commons at large, I invite everyone to stop by the LEC whenever you can. You’ll learn how we help students succeed in their classes and beyond—and, on a day like yesterday, you’ll see how we commemorate that success with traditions like the Student Recognition Party.