WEEKDAY MAGAZINE – School Choice and Bronx Gentrification

by Dr. Lessie Branch, School for Business Associate Dean and Dr. Edward Summers as published in ThisistheBronx.info December 4, 2019

Secondary School children learning math

Bronx Net TV set with host Gary Axelbank

In our October 2019 interview on BronxTalk, we discussed the Bronx, its moniker, The Borough of Universities and some things Bronx based higher education institutions need to do to stay relevant and away from The Brink. Today we write about primary and secondary education in the Bronx. Our point of departure is the rise in charter schools and gentrification. There are more than 100 charter schools located in the Bronx. The second-largest in New York City. Brooklyn is home to more than 130 charters, Manhattan 80, Queens 30, and Staten Island 6. Ten years ago, charters were not even on the radar in the Bronx.

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