Kerry Ann Bell with her mother and three daughters at commencement 2019

Please join us in congratulating Kerry-Ann Bell on her acceptance into the “Teach For America” program.  Teach For America is a community of change-makers and coalition-builders. Leaders who teach, and teachers who lead.  Kerry-Ann is a born leader who has sharpened her skills with her BPS in Human Services and is now moving on to teach what she has learned.

Let us tell you more about Kerry-Ann Bell…

Kerry-Ann believes that, like the lotus flower, anyone can blossom above the muddy waters into an amazing individual.

And, she has bloomed as a scholar! Congratulations to Kerry-Ann Bell who just graduated with her Bachelor’s in Professional Human Services. She was a full-time student, full-time mom and works as a full-time Teachers Assistant in Bronx public schools. She holds a Mental Health First Aid certification. Kerry-e and is a student ambassador for the college.

Kerry-Ann Bell was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica. She migrated to the United States at a young age and was raised in the Burnside area of the Bronx.  She has had the opportunity to live among many different communities that have exposed her to rich and diverse cultures.  As a young adult, she spent eight years of her life in and out of domestic violence and family shelters along with her three children. Kerry-Ann overcame many obstacles that have empowered her to focus on helping and advocating for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. She aspires to educate teens and young adults about healthy relationships to help stop the cycle.Kerry Ann Bell portrait

As a student ambassador, Kerry-Ann was very involved in MCNY college-wide activities and empowering students. Most recently, she worked with Dr. Heide Hlawaty and Student Services Coordinator, Loretta Foy (Alumna, BA ’17, MPA ’18) to organize “Women Inspiring Women” in honor of Women’s History Month at the Metropolitan College of New York Bronx campus. The event featured inspiring words of encouragement, fortitude, and bravery from women of all walks of life from our Bronx Community.

Kerry Ann’s strengths include her desire to help others by advocating for those in need. She often says that she wants to be a strong example for her daughters by accomplishing her educational goals and building a full, rich life of support and stability for her family. We celebrate her determination to be an agent of change for herself, her family — and her community.

"Women Inspiring Women" in honor of Women's History Month at the Bronx Metropolitan College of New York campus March 2019

“Women Inspiring Women” in honor of Women’s History Month at the Bronx Metropolitan College of New York campus March 2019