By Natalia Sucre, Digital and Instruction Services Librarian 

As the pandemic continues, we have to adjust not only to unprecedented circumstances, but to the loss of family, friends, neighbors, losses which we cannot honor according to our social, human impulse. Today, this newsletter space is for all those who are experiencing such losses, for all who have been lost, and for all those have gotten the virus and are struggling. 

From the immediacy of such an experience of loss, our colleague Blondel Francis-Pryce has the generosity of spirit to share her experience and offer these words of sobering advice.  


By Blondel Francis-Pryce, Library Assistant – Circulation Specialist 

This week will be my 4th week working and isolating at home. At my most time of needed hope –I love you ALL very much 

The amount of people who have recently lost their parents, grandparents, spouses, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, friends, etc. to COVID-19 is unreal. My heart aches for them.  Losing them is hard enough, but not being able to gather to memorialize them and give a proper burial is unfathomable.  I can’t imagine the pain they are in.  My heart  breaks for them. God, we see you…We hear you. 

On Wednesday morning, April 8, 2020, a former coworker called to let me know she had lost one of her sisters to COVID-19.  She lived with her husband, and children.  Later that said day, I was informed that my Aunt Ethlyn had the virus and was taken to a hospital in the Bronx. That Wednesday, I was a bit nervous; but have to give thanks to my husband George who’s at my side. He is a pillow of strength for me along with my little library group, which is a source of strength and support for me and others in this time of crisis.  

On Friday afternoon, a doctor had a FaceTime session with several of the family members (including myself), so we could say what might be a final goodbye to my aunt.  It was heart- wrenching seeing and hearing her gasping for breath; but she was alert. I was full of emotion and tears, but also felt somewhat at peace seeing her face.    

Don’t forget during this pandemic it’s important to take care of our wellbeing. Our health is importantI cannot stress it enough please follow CDC guidelines on how to help prevent the spread of the contagious virus by protecting ourselves and others.  Please incorporate these rules into our daily lives: 

At this moment, composing this note I could not help myself but to think on these words: when it rains it pours; well, this is one of those days.  All in all, in time of desolation my gut feeling is telling me, NO one knows how an individual feels until it hit close to home Yes, me! I have such despair Saturday night when they called to say Aunt Ethlyn has gone to meet her maker.  She died of COVID-19 complication 

My heartfelt gratitude to ALL those doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, first responders, grocery store clerks, and others for their unwavering commitment.  I know this will and eventually pass …but when?    

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