By Nathan Schiller, Director of Academic Support

Since last spring, education has revolved around Covid-19. Everything changed so abruptly, then MCNY went totally online in the summer, and now we’re doing hybrid courses. These were huge, sudden shifts, forcing everyone to quickly learn new systems.

In such times, it’s important to remember fundamentals. Although we have new models for delivering college courses, they remain mostly the same educationally—rigorous, thought-provoking, constant in their thirst for knowledge and learning.

Now midterms are approaching. In the LEC, where we focus on (among other things) helping students improve processes and underlying skills, we want to discuss some basic study habits. We’ve phrased them in questions, so that you can ask yourself how you’re doing.

Time management

  • Prioritization: Which of my assignment is due the soonest? How long will each one take me? Which subjects do I struggle with and which are easiest for me?
  • Keeping a calendar: Do I know when my assignments are due? Are there any clusters of due dates and exams? What other stuff is going on in my life around then? How will I make time for my course work?

Study chunking

  • Focused periods: Am I studying in short, focused period of 20-30 minutes? Am I taking breaks where I do something else, like eat a meal, complete chores, or just relax?
  • Focused subjects: Am I concentrating enough on one subject at time? Do I have a plan to methodically work though my classes, rather than try to do everything at once?


  • Understanding assignments: Do I read and watch course content with an eye toward the assignment? Do I understand what I’m being asked to do so that I can study strategically and efficiently?
  • Keeping track of ideas: Am I writing down everything so that I don’t forget it?

Thinking about learning

  • Reflection: After I study, do I spend time thinking about what I learned? Do I imagine how it will help me and how I’ll apply the ideas/concepts/lessons?
  • Style: Do I think about my learning style? Am I set up to learn remotely, or do I have too many distractions?

Seeking support

  • Do I reach out to my professors when I don’t understand something? To my classmates? Friends? Family? How resourceful am I?

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