Zoom of Holly Bonner Ceremony for PhD

Rev. Dr. Holly Bonner

Congratulations to MCNY BPS’02 MPA’08 alumna and adjunct professor Holly Bonner who defended her doctoral dissertation entitled “Faith Unseen: A Reflective Case Study for Disabled Congregants” to the faculty at New York Theological Seminary (NYTS). She successfully completed her defense!

Bonner with Frances “Franny” Bonner – Guide Dog

“MCNY provided me with the foundation of my education. From my bachelor’s degree in Human Services and my first master’s degree in Public Administration, I learned how to utilize technical writing to document my experiences within the constructive action. These skills traversed with me into the seminary,” said Reverand Dr. Holly Bonner, MPA, MSW, MAPCC, CASAC, HS-BCP, “I have achieved this academic milestone because I am an MCNY alumnus who never lost sight of my purpose — the service of others.”

Dr. Bonner’s work on disability theology, as both a blind woman and interfaith reverend/chaplain, has been instrumental in assisting faith-based institutions to develop comprehensive accessibility policies.

Zoom Dissertation

Rev. Dr. Bonner top row center.

Holly Bonner was honored to have two dear friends, colleagues and longtime supporters attend the Zoom event. MCNY’s Dean of the Audrey Cohen School for Human Services and Education (ACSHSE) Dr. Joanne Adrovani and MPA Professor Dr. Phil Nufrio celebrated her achievement. Dr. Bonner teaches in the ACSHSE and the School for Public Affairs and Administration.

“I would like to thank Dr. Phil Nufrio, my former MPA professor, for always being supportive during my doctoral studies. Dr. Nufrio has been a mentor to me as both a student and as an adjunct faculty member. In addition, Dean Joanne Ardovini has continued to be a strong support system for me within my teaching career. Joanne knows how difficult it is to balance being a mother, wife, educator, and working professional. There were many times I was tired and she pushed me to go on. It meant the world to me that these two special people attended my dissertation defense,” said Reverend Dr. Bonner.

The MCNY Community congratulates Rev. Dr. Holly Bonner on all of her great work at MCNY, the various non-profit organizations that she supports and mentors and her Staten Island community where she demonstrates heroic leadership every day.

Dr. Joanne Ardovini sums it up in one graceful thought, “Dr. Bonner is the personification of the MCNY mission. She lives with purpose and acts with compassion. We are all better for knowing her.” 

Learn more about Rev. Dr. Bonner and her work in the community during the Covid Pandemic and as Civic Engagement Commissioner for the Office of the Mayor of NYC.Holly Bonner.