Email communication is fast, efficient, and virtually free. Those qualities ensure that it is used by billions around the world on a daily basis. With many benefits, it is no wonder that those that are seeking dishonest gains also use email to introduce themselves. MCNY would like to remind you to use caution when making decisions that originate from an email.

If an email offer looks overly appealing, it may be too good to be true. Some scammers may be courteous and may even take their time before taking advantage of you. The Federal Trade Commission publishes a number of good articles concerning scams and check fraud. Take a few moments to review this information as it may prevent you from difficulty.

How To Avoid a Scam –

How To Spot, Avoid, and Report Fake Check Scams –

MCNY maintains the PhishNotify by Infosec reporting tool within Outlook and o365 webmail to assist in reporting suspected phishing messages. Reporting suspected phishing messages allows us to work together to combat this threat. The Technology Helpdesk is also available to assist at

This activity is no longer limited to email communications. You may receive communications via text or social media as well. Take time to think it through. No matter the platform, always ask yourself “How can I confirm whether this is genuine?”

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Adrian Smith
Chief Information Officer