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Malynda V. Rascoe is a well-respected Political Strategist and Influencer. She serves on local and national Democratic campaigns with the primary goal of electing competent and qualified candidates who align with her progressive and forward-thinking values.

As a vegan and Anti-Oppression Activist, she uses her platform to provide social awareness, civic engagement, and solutions on issues that are most relevant to overlooked and misunderstood communities; particularly, People of Color, those affected by mass incarceration and/or homelessness, as well as animal advocacy.

Malynda’s life story is similar to that of many Women. She was raised in foster care and the juvenile justice system; all while overcoming rape, domestic violence, low self-esteem, and homelessness. While these adversities were tough, Malynda has never wavered or made excuses for herself. Instead, she uses her life experiences as motivation to achieve her personal goals; while empowering other women who share similar stories, to run for public office and win.

Malynda serves as the Chair of the New York State Young Democrats Women’s Caucus, where she represents female-identifying youth and young adults ages 16-36, across 62 counties. In addition, she serves as an At-Large Board Member with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Brooklyn Branch.

Malynda Rascoe holds a Master’s degree in Public Affairs and Administration from Metropolitan College of New York, a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. She will begin her Ph.D. in the fall of 2022 to focus on Public and Urban Policy at The New School.

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