Melissa Hibbert Photographer: Jonathan Adjahoe

In the news!

MCNY Media Management alumna Melissa R. Hibbert, MBA’06 is featured in H3R, a luxury business magazine for women by women. Here’s a snippet of the featured article…


A 14-year corporate marketing executive turned beauty entrepreneur, Melissa R. Hibbert is the founder of SHYFT Beauty Consulting Agency, a contemporary multi-cultural marketing agency for women-founded beauty brands. This comes as a natural business evolution for Hibbert as she combines her passion for beauty with a successful background in multi-cultural advertising, consumer-centric brand management and marketing, CPG, and entertainment marketing. Learn more about Melissa’s commitment to empowerment through beauty in the H3R article.


Melissa’s mission is to help emerging women-owned beauty brands through marketing strategies, product development, content creation, and retail readiness.

“Attending MCNY and obtaining an MBA in Media Management completely transformed my career, influence and income,” said Melissa Hibbert, MBA’06, “My MBA emboldened me with a self-confidence that allowed me to stand out and differentiate myself from others in my career. My skills in critical thinking, leadership, communication, and problem-solving has been the cornerstone of my success in the Beauty Industry and I am forever grateful to MCNY.”


More About Melissa Hibbert

Beauty expert and entrepreneur, Melissa Hibbert has always been committed to empowering through beauty. With her business marketing, finance & brand building acumen, she can make a lasting impact in the industry by helping brands to scale. Seeking to be a part of the solution to the growing need for strategic guidance and marketing expertise among under-served entrepreneurs, led Melissa to launch SHYFT Beauty Consulting Agency in the summer of 2021. Her mission is to help startup and emerging women-owned beauty brands solve complex and nuanced problems with growth marketing strategies, product development, content creation, and retail readiness.

Melissa is a champion for women-led brands and a beacon of light for brands seeking fresh and innovative ideas that garner consumer attention and increase sales. She is a graduate of Fisk University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Public Administration and a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Media Management from Metropolitan College of New York. Melissa is an advisor, mentor, and tech investor – but, most importantly, she is a mother to her beautiful, smart & vibrant daughter Milan.